Indian artist performed Alarippu dance at the Indian Consulate participation in the arena of Bali Arts Festival. The typical Indian classical dance depicting a blooming flowers. Photograph by The Bali Times/ANT

Ship Carrying 97 Indonesian Sinks Off Malaysian Waters

JAKARTA ~ A ship carrying 97 Indonesians sank off Air Hitam river, Selangor Malaysia, on Tuesday night, Information Director from Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry Sofia Sudarma said on Wednesday. 55 people including 41 men, 12 women and two children had been rescued by the rescue team and local fishermen, according to local newspaper New Straits […]

Water Zoning will Optimize Seaweed Production

DENPASAR ~ Zoning of waters in Nusa Penida, Klungkung regency, Bali, is expected to optimize the production of seaweed for farmers after the establishment of Water Conservation Area in the region. “With the zoning, seaweed farming could be intensified,” said Head of the Bali Provincial Marine and Fisheries Department, I Made Gunaja, in Denpasar, on […]

Singaporean Found Dead Suspected Suicide

DENPASAR ~ A tourist from Singapore, Chuan Kok Leong (51), was found dead in his room at Villa Mahagiri, Sanur, Denpasar, the victim was suspected committing for suicide. “He is suspected committing for suicide because we found some drugs and foam came out of his mouth,” said Chief of South Denpasar Police, Commissioner Nanang Pri […]

375 Children in Gianyar Drop Out

GIANYAR ~ A total of 375 children in Gianyar regency, Bali, drop out of school due to working to assist their parents in meeting the needs of their daily life. “As of May 2014, we have found 375 children working from nine to 15 years old, who are mostly living in rural areas,” said Head […]

Dozens of Kids in Jembrana Suspected become Pedophille Victims

NEGARA ~ Dozens of children in Jembrana Regency between the ages of 14 to 17 years old are suspected victims of pedophille that was done by perpetrator initial MS aka B. “We had arrested the perpetrator, so we’ve examined some of the victims, as well as securing the perpetrator’s notebook containing the names of the […]

Police Arrest Sea Sand Thief

NEGARA ~ Officers of Mendoyo Police, Jembrana Regency, arrested sea sand thief while doing his action in Yehembang Village Beach, on Wednesday. “We caught the perpetrator while bringing sea sand onto the truck, by involving a number of workers,” said Mendoyo police chief, Commissioner Wayan Sinaryasa. He said that the perpetrator with initials MW is […]

Access Roads to Red Light Area in Surabaya Closed

SURABAYA ~ All seven access roads to Surabaya’s red light areas of Dolly and Jarak were blocked by local people in protest of the closure of Southeast Asia’s largest prostitution centers. The city authority has declared the two prostitution centers closed on Wednesday. The local people have protested the plan to close the prostitution centers. […]