Governor Urges Balinese People to Remain Calm over Australia’s Threats


As Indonesia is set to execute two Bali Nine members, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika has urged his people to remain calm over Australia’s threat to boycott the resort island’s tourism industry.

“Please remain calm. It (the execution) will not be a problem, and I believe that it will not badly affect Bali’s tourism industry. This case is related to our nation’s sovereignty and dignity,” he told journalists on Monday.

“The Australian Government is expected to act maturely. I hope the Australian Government and people will understand it is a legal matter. We cannot do anything,” he said.

When asked about some sections in social media networks in Australia urging fellow citizens to boycott Bali’s tourism industry if Myuran Sukumaran (33) and Andrew Chan (31) are executed, Mangku Pastika said he did not believe that Bali will be boycotted.

“It is only a discourse, I don’t believe it. If it is (the boycott is) true, then it’s their right to do so. However, every country has its own sovereignty, respect, and dignity,” he added.

According to Made Mangku Pastika, former chief of the National Narcotics Agency, the Australian Government will not boycott Indonesia for matters related to drug trafficking.

“Drugs are dangerous for us and for our generations,” he said, adding that drug trafficking has cost Indonesia trillions of rupiah in the form of material and human losses.

Indonesia had recently executed six drug convicts as part of its serious efforts to combat drug trafficking in the country.

Vice-President Jusuf Kalla recently assured that the execution of foreign convicts for drug offenses will not affect Indonesia’s bilateral ties with their respective countries.

Meanwhile, the penitentiary in Denpasar, Bali, has provided psychologists to help in case death convicts from Australia Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran need their counseling ahead of their execution.

“We have prepared psychologists from local state Udayana University and Sanglah regional hospital for the two death convicts,” head of the penitentiary, Sudjonggo, said on Tuesday.

He said psychological counseling would be given in case the convicts need it.

Right now however psychological conditions of the two convicts are still normal and they still conduct activities as usual. “In case development happens disrupting their mental state before their transfer we will conduct examination,” he added.

Ahead of their transfer to a maximum security prison on the island of Nusakambangan off Central Java before execution is done the Indonesian military (TNI) has prepared its Sukhoi fighter planes to escort their transfer.

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18 Responses to “Governor Urges Balinese People to Remain Calm over Australia’s Threats”

  1. Lissa Falkner Says:

    Australians who visit Bali will not boycott or wish any harm to Bali or its people. I have travelled to Bali many times and also to Java. I will never stop comming. My love for Bali and my beautiful friends, who I consider family, will never end. God bless you all.

  2. Kate Says:

    By what I see in the Australian media, I think you would be naive to believe there will not be a strong reaction from the Australian public if these executions go ahead.

  3. Nigel Says:

    Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika has urged his people “Please remain calm. The execution will not be a problem, and I believe that it will not badly affect Bali’s tourism industry. This case is related to our nation’s sovereignty and dignity,”

    What dignity can possibly be achieved by the Indonesian President ordering the murder of helpless, unarmed civilians?

    Vice-President Jusuf Kalla recently assured that the execution of foreign convicts for drug offenses will not affect Indonesia’s bilateral ties with their respective countries.

    How does he know this?

    Head of the penitentiary, Sudjonggo said psychological counseling would be given in case the convicts need it.

    Why would the convicts need any psychological counseling?..surely knowing that you will soon be murdered is no big deal right?

    Ahead of their transfer to a maximum security prison on the island of Nusakambangan off Central Java before execution is done the Indonesian military (TNI) has prepared its Sukhoi fighter planes to escort their transfer.

    Does the Indonesian government really believe that Sukhoi fighter aircraft are needed to escort two helpless, constrained and unarmed civilians who are being transported to the place where they will be murdered?

  4. Sally Says:

    As an Australian, I hope there is some miracle and these men have their impending executions overturned. They have shown for many years now that they have been rehabilitated.

    Whatever happens, boycotting Bali is not the answer. The hardworking families who rely on tourism should not be held responsible for what is about to take place.

    The first thing you see when you arrive at any port of entry into Indonesia are signs about drug trafficking and how getting caught could result in the death penalty.

  5. Glenda James Says:

    I am so disappointed in the new president as the 2 men he is about to execute are very different now to the 2 boys of 10 years ago they are not asking to be let out of prison only to be allowed to live ,,,if the death penalty is given to drug trafficking then it should be carried out almost straight away not 10 years later ,,,,these men hav changed and are now helping the prisioners in jail to be better people shawley he can see that for himself .I won’t boycott Bali but I will be very upset in my heart for them . My prayers are for them to be aloud to live ..GOD BLESS THEM AND KEEP THEM STRONG.

  6. Mal Says:

    Good Morning
    You are terribly mistaken. You have suddenly become a hard sell as an incentive and event destination. Your brand is now damaged at least for the next two years as we currently plan and book travel for 2015/16 incentives

    Whether our clients agree or disagree with the pending executions they are united in their feelings of horror and revolt at the psychological torture the prisoners are being put through as this shambles develops further into a media circus across all of our media.

    The ‘selfies’ released last night showing police with the prisoners on-board the plane are possibly the last straw and have shown this for the farce that it is.

    Admittedly we are only small incentive groups that add up to around 2000 room nights per year however discussion in our industry is growing louder as corporate companies cannot be seen to be associated with shambles, particularly now that our newspapers are reporting that you will be shooting these people, leaving them to bleed to death and if they are still alive after ten minutes, a quick bullet to the head. Whether you like it or not this is your new brand for the foreseeable future.

    On a more personal level i will not be back. More because of the awful way you are treating these people rather than what you are actually going to do to them.

    Yes, the execution will be a big problem, bigger than you imagine – at least for the next 24 months.

  7. Nigel Says:

    To the Balinese people, we mean you no harm, the fact is, we around the world like you…

    Unfortunately Bali has been the staging point in the timeline for the pending executions in Indonesia and as a result has become a world issue.

    Many people around the world cannot understand how tormenting and then killing people can ever be the answer to a legal question.

    Here’s hoping that your president somehow finds a heart…

  8. Made Says:

    A black day in the history of Indonesia.
    How much money is wasted in recent weeks.
    So much that there are hundreds of families in Bali did not have to be hungry anymore 
    But Indonesian law is above wealth.
    It is not safe for the tourists in Bali and the government dont care about it.

    Mistakes are made through the indonesiese government itself and to think that the government has the best interests of his people outrageous. 
    Rehablitatie it is the most important to grow the country. To  know, for example Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran
    These gentlemen have helpt so many people who were lost
    People who have nothing to which the government does not care about them . Good deeds are punished . And bad deeds are praised . Lucifer

  9. John Forsyth Says:

    As someone who first went to Bali in 1974 and travelled through Java to places like Yogya and Pangandaran and someone who has a love of Indonesian textiles and worked with many Batik craftsmen , I urge The President to have a greater understanding of the rehabilitation process . Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are of much more use to the Indonesian prison system by the good work they are doing to rehabilitate other prisoners than by being executed.

  10. faith healy Says:

    Cruelty in this world seems to be limitless.
    Let Indonesia take a stand against capital punishment
    Now and lead the world in the politics of compassion.

  11. Nia Says:

    Myuran & Andrew did commit a terrible crime that was to affect Australian citizens not Indonesians. Yes they deserve jail but not execution. The men have reformed as we all can clearly see and they have done more good then harm in 10 years. Educationg the Indoensians and rehabilitating others. Let the men live and continue their work inside. Sovereignty- why are there drugs still in your country if these executions are suppose to stop it all. If that was true there would be no drug problems. Myuran and Andrew are not the leaders of drug trades, the leaders are not in jail and still using others like Myuran and Andrew to transport their drugs. Drugs will never stop so no point murdering the mules. I won’t be holidaying ever again in Indonesia if this goes ahead. Don’t forget your president is so Calle davainst drugs however he is saving drug traffickers from death overseas???????? How does that work. Hypocrit. Pull a trigger and u have lost Australia.

  12. Jessi Grace Says:

    I am writing to you to express my admiration for the Indonesian prison system which has transformed the lives of the two Australian drug smugglers, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Far from being criminals now they have become reformed and fine young men with the potential to influence their world for good. This is something we in Australia aspire to in our prison system and sadly too often fail.

    I know that under our current government Australia’s human rights’ record is not to be admired. That does not mean that Indonesia cannot show Australia up by proving itself to have a much better human rights record!
    My hope then is that you will do whatever you can to influence your government and your President to halt the planned execution of these two Australian men so that they may continue to be the better men they have become while in Kerobokan Prison.

    It seems illogical to me to spend so much time, money and energy on reforming them so successfully only to kill them at the end.

    It may well be worth noting that no Indonesian person, no matter what they did, will ever be placed on “death row” in Australia because we don’t do that to anyone here. While ever there is life there is hope that someone will change for the better as these two young men have done.
    I know it is not the fault of ordinary Balinese or Indonesian people that these men are awaiting execution. So often our governments misrepresent us!

    So please do what you can to encourage your government to spare them so that they may continue to influence others for good in the prison system. I have heard that they are admired by other prisoners and by those that guard them. They are also greatly admired here in Australia, not for their terrible crime of drug smuggling but for the good men they have become over the last ten years.

    It is heartbreaking for us all to listen to the news from Indonesia at the moment.

    Jessi Grace.

  13. Mel Says:

    How do children learn? By making mistakes that’s how, put your child were the two bali nine duo are now. How would you feel? Come on life is to special to.go around murdering children who have turned into young men for something that was simply a stupid mistake. Please do not kill these young men.

  14. Joan Woolley Says:

    Hello to the Dear Indonesian People,
    I have visited your country many times and have always been struck by your gentle and tolerant nature. I am concerned about the impending death penalty of those on Death row, especially, the two Australians. This is political power play. The Indonesian President is attempting to appear strong and decisive. He is not listening to the groundswell of the Balinese and worldwide community.
    How many people of importance and note have appealed to the President. He has his fingers in his ears and not listening. Is this the type of President you want ? Someone that will ignore the majority? Show you are listening and abolish the death penalty.

  15. Breach of peace Says:

    They would not have changed had they been caught drug smuggling heroin out of the country. Thank God that they now have and they need to make their peace with their Maker. The issue has been clouded by their rehabilitation which has nothing to do with the laws on the books and the numerous appeals and reviews.

  16. Lesley Says:

    Wow “Please remain calm. It (the execution) will not be a problem, and I believe that it will not badly affect Bali’s tourism industry”

    We actually it is upsetting thousands of people all over the World even thinking of what Indonesia is planning to do to the two Australians and the others on death row. Execution will not solve your drug problem listen to what Richard Branson and his colleagues from the drug commission have to put forward at least…

  17. Lise Buckeridge Says:

    The Australian Government has NOT asked Australians to boycott Bali.

    Some Australians have taken it upon themselves to express how they feel about the scheduled executions by pledging, if these executions occur, they will never visit Bali or Indonesia again.

    These individuals have been using the #boycottbali but again I point out this is a decision individuals are making for themselves, nothing to do with a Government policy.

    Australians do not believe these executions have anything to do with law and order, nor are they about Indonesia’s national pride or sovereighnty.

    Rather what is at issue is a President who is refusing to genuinely consider the clemency applications of men under a death sentence as he rightfully MUST do under Indonesian law.

  18. kim Says:

    Life is a learning curve and we have all made mistakes ,but correcting the mistakes is what counts These men have proved that and now they are able to help others inside the prison .Please spare them so they can help change the lives of others ,rehabilitation is possible they have proved that
    Mercy for them

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