Execution of Australian Convicts Will Not Affect Tourism in Bali


Chairman of the Association of Travel Agency (Asita) Bali Ketut Ardana stated that executions of two convicted Australian citizen will not affect tourism on the island.

“The turmoil is temporary and it does not represent the whole of Australians,” he said in Denpasar on Wednesday.

According to him, the criticism from some officials of the inmates’ country is temporary.

None of tourists from Australia, he added, has filed a cancellation of the visit in particular to the island after the execution.

Ardana is optimistic that the situation of the two countries (Indonesia – Australia) will remain good and support tourism in Bali.

Meanwhile Indonesia Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) Bali also stated that tourism on the island will not be affected after the executions of two Australians specifically on the concern of tourists visit from the country.

“Tourism is the relation of man to man, culture to culture. There is nothing to do with government to community. We believe that the visit of tourists from Australia will keep going,” said Chairman of GIPI Bali Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya in Denpasar on Sunday.

According to him, the development of tourists visit from Australia continues to grow for the last three months and reached about 15 percent.

“The increase about 15 percent because for Australian travelers everything they need is available in Bali,” he said.

Until now even there is no report about the cancellation of tourist visit though the executions had been conducted.

The increase in the number of Australian tourists visit is also recognized by Central Bureau of Statistics of Bali Province which recorded tourists from the country is in first place of foreign tourists visiting Bali.

During January-February 2015, the number of tourists from Australia reached 156.395 people, an increase of 24.4 percent compared to the same period last year which reached 133.966.

From those two months, as many as 640.739 of foreign tourists from several countries had visited Bali.

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