Bali-Australia Strengthen Health Cooperation

General Hospital of Sanglah, Bali, and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Adelaide, Australia, strengthen the cooperation in terms of  the development of medical personnel capacity training in Bali.

“This cooperation has been running since 1997 with Australia and Sanglah particularly the womb and obstetrics department,” said Director of Sanglah Hospital, dr. AA Sri Saraswati in Sanur, Denpasar, on Thursday.

Training of medical personnel for three days through seminars and direct observation was not only given to the medical personnel from Sanglah Hospital but also to some medical personnel such as midwives in Negara Regency, Karangasem, Singaraja and Gianyar.

Sri Saraswati further explained that in Indonesia, maternal mortality is still relatively high, about 359 from 100 thousand live births. While the government’s target is 102 per 100 thousand live births. As for Bali, the overall is still better compared to the national average which is 68 per 100 thousand live births.

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital Adelaide, Australia carried 20 doctors and health practitioners to provide training in obstetrics and gynecology to medical personnel on the island.

Prof John Svigos, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology of the hospital said that the medical mission which built two hospitals signifies that the ties between the two countries especially in the health sector is still exist.

Although, he added, recently Australia-Indonesia relation was heated post-execution of duo inmates, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan.

“In recent years the relationship between Indonesia and Australia is deteriorate, but we had a great attention to the people of Indonesia. But this is a different thing from politics but is related to human health concerns of children and women in Indonesia,” he said.

He stated that this cooperation is expected to increase awareness of the importance of maternal and child health, which is one indicator of a country in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). “Since the last decade, health (mother and child) in Bali have been better, but still have not reached our expectations. For that we want to improve the health of women and children better,” he added.

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