Octoberfest in 69 Tequila Bar-Grand Istana Rama Hotel Kuta with Prost Beer


Beer is one kind of drink that much-loved world community. Beer is a beverage containing 4-6 % of alcohol made from barley / malt, sugar, and water purification material. Apart from that, beer can be used as a platform to attract the masses in a competition.

In the past, beer as a savior for the city’s population of Bavaria – Germany as a result of natural conditions which make the quality of water becomes dirty and unfit to drink. In the past, people prefer to drink beer instead of consuming water as a major cause of cholera infected the whole town.

Beer is safer to consume because of bacteria from contaminated water is dead in the fermentation process. Since then, the brewing process is very important and should continue to run until it became part of a tradition of the world’s largest folk festival which is also known as Octoberfest.

Hendry Kiung as National Horeca Manager of Beverage Division PT. Beverindo Indah Abadi, when met on the sidelines of the event revealed, Prost Beer is a local beer flavor of Europe. Beverage product takes materials directly from Europe, especially Germany.

So far, Prost Beer recognized by Hendry receiving a positive response from foreign tourists. Therefore, Prost Beer flavor is different from other beers, because the taste is not too bitter, but it is also a lot of foaming so that the oxygen is not too much.

In order to celebrate Octoberfest, Grand Istana Rama Hotel organizes events called SaturDance collaboration with Prost Beer. The event is open for public, not only guests at the hotel.

For visitors who attend at 6pm – 8pm Prost will get a free flow of beer with an entry fee of Rp150,000, while visitors who attend after 8pm charged an entrance fee amounting to Rp100,000 Prost will get one bottle of beer.

The event was enlivened with various types of entertainment such as sexy dancers, fire dancers and band performances of Big Fish and Female DJ Rieeana and DJ Kolot.

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