ENT Health Checks for Hundreds of Children in Kintamani


Hundreds of primary school children in Mount Batur area, Kintamani, Bangli regency, came to the health center I Kintamani to get health checks of their ear nose and throat (ENT) for free of a team of doctors from Association of Ear Nose Throat Indonesia Science Expert (PERHATI-KL) Bali Nusra cooperated with Lions Club of Singapore Meyer.

Not only students but also children under five are also taken by their parents to get the medical examination.

“Not only the children of elementary school students around here but public can get health care for free,” said Head of PERHATI-KL Bali Nusra Dr DG Arta Eka Putra on the sidelines of the event, Saturday (24/10).

He explained that the medical examination is the general one, but if further action is required then they will be referred to a doctor in Bangli General Hospital.

The patients, he added, some are getting more drugs if the level of the disturbances are not too severe.

“We clean the ears of  students and local people who come here in order to avoid hearing loss. Therefore we appealed to the public to do routine ear cleaning every six months, “he said.

Arta admitted, this kind of activity had been done in some areas of Bali. Apart from Kintamani, this action had been conducted in Mendoyo, Negara Regency, Marga, Tabanan and Karangasem.

“We will routinely carry out this kind of activity every year. Not only routine sometimes we do it incidentally,” he said.

The enthusiasm about the social activity can be seen from the crowds of visitors who come, ranging from toddlers, school children and adults. Patiently they were waiting to be checked.

Although crowded, the activity can be run orderly. PERHATI-KL team has arranged for the order and controlled service.

“I am very pleased that my ENT health get examined, because it is very rarely to have such kind of activity in our region,” said Talita one of  elementary school students from SD 3 Batur who came along with dozens of her classmates.

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