Robin Lim Offering Safe and Healthy Childbirth


Starting from bitter experience in the past, a woman from the United States was committed to provide solutions for other women. Previously she had lost a friend who works as a midwife, died in childbirth. In fact, she also had lost a sister and a baby due to complications during the third pregnancy.

About 22 years ago, a woman who’s the real name is Robin Teresa Jehle with her husband William Joseph Hemmerle Jr. finally decided to leave the country and settle in Bali for the sake of mission how to deal with pregnant women and their babies to be born.

At Banjar Nyuh Kuning, Desa Mas, Ubud, a midwife who is better known as “Ibu Robin Lim” is devoting his life as a midwife in prenatal care at the same time offering safe and healthy childbirth assistance for women for free.

Her goal is simply to save women, particularly reducing maternal mortality and infant during delivery, which is still relatively high in Asia, including in Indonesia.

According to Lim, maternal and infant mortality is still high and alarming, recorded maternal mortality rate has now reached 359 per 100 thousand live births, while the results of the survey of 2012 was only 228 per 100 thousand of live births.

According to a woman who was born in November 24, 1956 the management of deliveries in Indonesia are mostly still very bad and very expensive. Therefore Lim together with 10 midwives and 3 doctors who helped at the clinic called Bumi Sehat emphasize the principle of “Gentle Birth “, the birth process that lasts a quiet, safe / healthy and affectionate.

According to Lim, her team has special procedures and equal treatment for every pregnant woman. Although she is a celebrity, expatriates, foreign tourists, mothers of poor family’s even women of prostitutes and even HIV / AIDS still get privilege or VIP.

“There is no class distinction for any pregnant women who come here to ask for our help, they are the same for us,” he said.

Through her clinics in Bali and Aceh, that mother of 8 children seeks to carry out humanitarian missions and rescue of women by targeting disadvantaged areas or affected as when the tsunami in Aceh in 2004 and the typhoon in Philippines.

Various awards have been successfully achieved. Robin Lim was judged to have chalked professional dedication services for the birth and women in Indonesia even in the world. Therefore, in 2011 she was awarded as a CNN Hero of The Year.

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