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Who’s Not Reading The Bali Times?

(Not Many)

It’s BIG all over: Biggest print readership in Bali (10,000 per edition *); largest number of website visitors to an Indonesian website (245,000 unique visits, from across Indonesia, Asia and around the world) per edition; biggest distribution and highest sales of any English-language publication in Bali.

We’ve got Bali and its market covered with unbeatable demographics. Our readers are: 38% expatriates living in Bali and elsewhere;  33% foreign tourists, 13% Asia-based expatriates holidaying in Bali; 9% local business owners; and 7% English-speaking Indonesians **.

The Bali Times newspaper gives advertisers unrivalled access to Asia’s most qualified consumers and investors. No other publication reaches such a sought-after, affluent group.

Advertise in The Bali Times today, and for a limited period get local rates for national and international coverage. Call us on 0361-733 597  to place your ad.

Download our rate sheet here.

For more information, or to discuss a tailored advertising plan including print and online, email

The Bali Times — Bali’s Own English-Language Newspaper

* Based on tabulations of weekly sales and readership
** Bali Times readership survey, 2010

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