Celebrating Silence

By Anand Krishna We normally associate celebrations with noise, loud music, singing, partying and of course crowds of people. Not so with the Balinese; not always. Here, on this isle of gods, silence and solitude are celebrated too. Indeed, the most important celebration here is that of silence. Yes, I am speaking about Nyepi – […]

Living Meditatively

By Anand Krishna There is very famous Zen anecdote of a disciple asking his master, “Master, Master, what were you doing before your enlightenment?” And, the Master answered, “I was tending my garden.” “And,” the disciple asked again, “what did you do after your enlightenment?” “Don’t you see,” the Master asked back, “I am still […]

What Is Meditation?

By Anand Krishna There was a vigorous debate last year whether yoga and/or meditation were part of certain religious rituals, belief systems, science or some sort of physical training. The census among those who raised the issue was that as long as yoga was done for physical wellbeing only, and without any chanting etcetera, it […]

Darling Bali, Poor Bali!

By Anand Krishna Baliku sayang, Baliku malang” – the expression in Indonesian is full of romance, deep sentiments and a long, heavy sigh. A lot is lost in translation, when the line is translated as “Darling Bali, Poor Bali” – or more appropriately, “O my darling Bali, O my poor Bali.” Repeat it a few […]

A Piece of Advice for Bules!

By Anand Krishna First of all, forgive me for the provocative title.But let me assure you: to me, bules (white people) are as much descendents of the Aryan race as I am – so we are the same. You can call me a black or a brown bule – whatever; I do not mind it. […]

Celebrating Darkness

By Anand Krishna It is common – and quite normal – to celebrate light. God is likened to light. God is conceived as the Lucent and the Luminous, the Radiant and the Resplendent One. Darkness, on the other hand, has always been associated with devil, with negative power. Not so with the Balinese, and the […]

Psychic Ability Vs Spirituality (Part II)

By Anand Krishna ABC! The Master reminds us: “Always Be Careful!” Psychic ability can do much damage to us, if we do not have our intellectual domain fully or substantially developed before we acquire it. Psychic ability minus intelligence can be the greatest hindrance in the soul’s evolution. The ego, the arrogance, the vanity, the […]

Psychic Ability Vs Spirituality (Part I)

By Anand Krishna The Bali Times Sanjaya was an attendant, kind of a private secretary, to the blind king of Hastinapura, Dhritrashtra. He spent two thirds of his life attending to the king. He had no private life of his own. Then, one day, just before the sons of the blind king would go to […]