Some residents threw ketupat (rice cakes boiled in plaited young coconut leaves) towards other residents in the tradition of Ketupat War at Puseh Temple, Kapal Village, Badung, Bali, on Tuesday. The annual tradition is held by the local people as an act of gratitude to God Almighty for the fertility of agricultural land and has […]

Two young men beat at each other with a rattan cane in cultural attractions of Gebug Ende at Taman Ujung, Karangasem Regency, Bali, on Thursday. Rattan War is a sacred art from the village of Seraya, Karangasem regency, which usually only held to invoke rain in the dry season. Photograph by The Bali Times/ANT

A number children brought the Rejang Dewa dance at the opening of the 2014 Festival Puputan Badung in Denpasar, on Saturday. The activities that is held for a month nvolving around 1000 artists to commemorate 108 years of the Battle of Badung War, that is the fight to death of Badung citizens against the Dutch […]

Travelers and volunteers lifted a green turtle (Chelonia Mydas) at the re-release of the rare animal in Kuta Beach, Bali, on Wednesday. A total of 9 green turtles were seized from smugglers, which then released to their habitat by police as a tourist attraction.Photograph by The Bali Times/ANT

A number of children reading a book in the library in conjunction with the Rare Festival in Denpasar, Bali, on Thursday. The festival held for the first time involving about 1,200 children aged 3-15 years filled with a variety of activities for education, arts and culture and the development of children’s creativity. Read full story […]

Two people fight each other used thorny pandanus leaf at the Mekaré tradition or pandanus war in Dauh Tukad Tenganan Village, Karangasem, Bali, on Tuesday. The tradition was a series of local residents’ prayers as a form of honor to the God Indra or the God of War as well as the God of Prosperity.   Photograph […]

Indian artist performed Alarippu dance at the Indian Consulate participation in the arena of Bali Arts Festival. The typical Indian classical dance depicting a blooming flowers. Photograph by The Bali Times/ANT

A possessed residence stuck a dagger into his chest in the tradition of “Ngerebong” at Dalem Pengrebongan Temple, Denpasar, Bali, on Sunday. Tens of people possessed during the that the means to neutralize the negative forces that exist in nature. Photograph by The Bali Times/ANT