When Housewives Scream for Garlic

Shallots and garlic have been the main ingredients for many of Indonesian cuisines. Almost every dish is served with these famous herbs to enrich the flavor of almost every Indonesian dining table. Lately, the ordinarily famous herbs went scarce in the Indonesian markets, and the price was skyrocketing from Rp20 thousand per kilogram to about […]

Mangrove Rehabilitation Needs Serious Support

Mangrove rehabilitation program in Indonesia should gain serious support from all parties across the country. A common natural feature of tropical and subtropical coastlines, mangrove forests are among the most biologically important ecosystems on earth. But ground-based evidence in Indonesia shows these vital coastal forests have been decimated or damaged in many regions. Forestry Ministry […]

Natural Disasters Not Over Yet

Over the last few months, various regions in Indonesia have been hit by natural disasters such as floods, landslides, and strong wind, causing huge material lossesĀ  and claiming tens of lives. Floods and landslides were mainly triggered by relatively high precipitation during the ongoing rainy season. Since the beginning of the rainy season in November […]

Bali is Confident To Reduce Import Meat Dependence

Husbandry and Animal Health Department Bali Province belives that with intensive treatment, it will increase the quality of Bali beef so that it is the same as import meat. According to the official of Husbandry Department, Bali beef is tougher than the imported one because its treatment is different. In the western countries, cows cultivation […]

No More Child Marriage

The fate of a fourteen years old Balinese girl, NJA, is so tragic. The girl who is from Bangli was deceived by Wayan Cidra (40) so they were involved in a sexual intercourse. Although finally she married to the man, the law process is still unclear. Hopefully, that condition is not happened to other children […]

Will Bali Have a New Airport?

Some parties representing Balinese exclaimed desire to have a new airport in the area with aim to improve its economics matters. After Bali Province government exposed issue to construct a new airport in North Bali or exactly in Buleleng regency, some days ago some people in Karangasem argued to have the new airport in East […]

Death Penalty for Lindsay Sandiford, Is It Fair?

Many people questioned on death penalty for Lindsay Sandiford because she was found smuggling 4,7 kilograms cocaine to Bali as a fair verdict. The verdict was very surprising because the judges panel decision was tighter than the claim of the prosecutor attorney which is only fifteen years in prison. For Ezra Karo Karo as the […]

All Concerned on Criminal Toward Tourists

The area of Island of Gods again is distracted by criminals happened to an Australian tourist. The robbery has made the tourist, Paul Gill, got a puncture wound and has to get treatment on a hospital after trying to defend himself at a luxurious villa located at Berawa Street, Bisma Alley, Canggu Village, North Kuta, […]