Dark Cloud above the Democrat Party

Indonesians are shocked by the resignation of the Sports Minister, Andi Malaranggeng, following the Corruption Eradication Commission’s (KPK) decision to label him as a suspect of a corruption case. Andi Malaranggeng adds to the number of Democrat members facing corruption-related charges. Former treasurer of the party, Nazaruddin, was sentenced to four years and ten months […]

Citizens Awareness about HIV/AIDS are Still Low

Awareness of citizens and community groups who have a high risk of contacting with HIV and AIDS are still low for a health check. Though the government has provided “Voluntary Counseling and Testing” (VCT) services across a number of hospitals and health centers in the province of Bali, the amount of people is still small. […]

Safety Important Factors Tourists to Bali

Safety and convenience are one of the factors that determine a person’s interest and community groups to travel. This can be in their own country or abroad. But we are asking ourselves if all tourists who come on holiday to Bali already feel comfortable, given the current state with infrastructure that make some areas crowded. […]

What’s Next for the Oil and Gas Sector?

The Constitutional Court’s ruling to disband the oil and gas industry’s regulating body, BPMigas, and return its function and authority to the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has been widely hailed as a victory for the people of Indonesia. In a landmark ruling, the court noted that BPMigas was unconstitutional and therefore annulled its operations. […]

Doubts about the Ceasing Cold War between Bali Governor and Vice Governor?

A number of people and communities suspect that “cold war” has occurred between Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika with Vice Governor AA Ngurah Puspayoga. The indication of the cold war, appeared from the lack of communication between the two top officials in Paradise island. But the cold war that thought by many parties was refuted […]

Mangrove Leasing Receives Mixed Responses

The policy of Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika permited PT Tirta Rahmat Bahari for the utilization of eco-tourism in Taman Hutan Raya (Tahura) Ngurah Rai, Suwung, Denpasar, covering an area of 102.22 hectares, reaped the pros and cons of various circles from the community, environmentalists to Bali legislators. Those who reject the policy loudly demanded […]

Peace Message of Bali Blast Commemoration

October 12, 2002, maybe the day that will not be forgotten by most people of the world, because on that day, the devastating blast occurred in Paradise Island which is now known as Bali Bombing I. As a result of the events a number of people injured and loss their life, which the incident definitely […]

Colonising Indonesia

As we celebrate our 67th year of independence from centuries of Dutch rule, it is worth remembering why those who came before us fought so valiantly for our freedom. Did they give their blood and lives so that we would end up tearing ourselves apart? Did they expect that we would so easily cast aside […]