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Denpasar Police Reveals Producer of Drugs Worth Rp12Billion

DENPASAR ~ Police Narcotics Investigation Unit of Denpasar, Bali, arrested four suspects who were the producers and the distributors of methamphetamine and ecstasy with an estimated total value of nearly Rp12 billion. “We’ve been investigating for two weeks. We had difficulty finding the location of the producer because they do not stay in one place,” […]

NGO Alliances throughout Bali Refuse Election through Parliament

DENPASAR ~ Alliance of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) throughout Bali conducted an action by putting their signatures on a white cloth as a symbol of rejection to local elections through Parliament in Monument of Bajra Sandhi, Renon, Denpasar on Sunday. The signatures will be sent to the House of Representatives as a form of rejection […]

American Couple Could Face Article on Premeditated Murder

DENPASAR ~ Criminal Investigation Division of Denpasar Police will apply article of premeditated murder for two suspected killers of United States citizens. “We apply section of 340 on premeditated murder to both (Heather and Tommy),” said Head of Denpasar Police Commissioner Djoko Hariutomo in Denpasar. Although his team will apply Article of premeditated murder, they […]

Denpasar Police Reveals Circulation of 19 Kilograms Marijuana

DENPASAR ~ Drug Investigation Unit of Police Denpasar, Bali, uncovered distribution of dried marijuana weighing 19 kilograms which were sent via express package from Surabaya, East Java. “The suspect was storing the marijuana for circulation in Bali,” said Head of Denpasar Police Commissioner, Djoko Hariutomo during a press conference in Denpasar on Friday. From the […]

Abrasion in Gilimanuk Worsen

NEGARA ~ Coastal abrasion in Gilimanuk Village, Jembrana get worse and threatened dozens of homes, including Padma Capa temple. Initially the abrasion was only in Jineng Agung village which made dozens of homes damaged, but now the disaster has reached Samiana village. “Compared to other beaches which already had the retaining wall to withstand the […]

Tanjung Benoa LNG Terminal to Commence Operations in 2016: Minister

JAKARTA ~ The state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina, through its subsidiary PT Pertagas Niaga, will complete the construction of its Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) receiving terminal in Tanjung Benoa, Bali, in 2016, stated a minister. “The construction of the terminal has been started, and it is scheduled for completion in two years. The terminal […]

Denpasar City holds Mahabandana Prasada and Puputan Badung Festival

DENPASAR ~ Denpasar as the capital city of Bali again held the annual cultural and arts festival namely Mahabandana Prasada and the first Festival of Puputan Badung on September 20th, 2014.. Head of Denpasar Cultural Deparment Made Mudra said that  the 2014 Mahabandana Prasada is more splendor as it is held in the same time […]

Indonesia to Showcase Smooth Election Implementation at Bali Democracy Forum

JAKARTA ~ Indonesia will highlight its success in conducting direct general elections at the 7th Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) scheduled in Bali, on October 10-11, stated a foreign ministry official. “The BDF is coincidentally being held just after we concluded the legislative and presidential elections and so (we have planned to showcase their successful implementation) […]