Farewell, With a Fine Accent and a Positive Instinct

By Elizabeth Henzell To my readers: This is my last Instinct column for The Bali Times. It’s been great fun writing about the dogs and cats of Bali but it’s time to take a break. – Elizabeth Henzell The accent gets me every time. I love it. It is that wonderful English accent that is […]

The Unspeakable Cruelty of Baiting Dogs

By Elizabeth Henzell The news on ABC’s Just In is not pleasant. Stabbings in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, and the sad story of a father who drowned while attempting to save his two sons and their friend from a rip on a New South Wales surf Beach is heartbreaking. However, I read with joy the […]

Heather’s Tale Tells the Real Bali Dog Story

A Guide to the Birds of East Africa” is the latest book I am savouring. Savouring isn’t actually the truth. The truth is I am the slowest reader ever and due to always eating breakfast or drinking coffee while I read and having the attention span of a two-year-old – that is I am easily […]

The Best Days of Our Lives

By Elizabeth Henzell The Bali Times Check your departure time, please! I begged Isobella. “Yes, yes,” promised my dutiful daughter, the one who listens respectfully and then does exactly whatever she pleases. This time was no different and when she finally did, my fears were confirmed. Whilst her departure was on Saturday, it was 10 […]

A (Roman) Candle for Bali’s Animals

By Elizabeth Henzell I read something funny on tripadvisor.com the other day. I was described as the American boss of the Casa Luna restaurant in Ubud. It said I “issued a demand” that I “sit in the private dining area” in Casa Luna. On all counts incorrect, but the accusations still stand as tripadvisor has […]

Purring with Christmas Spirit

It would have been a very happy suitor a few years back if my ability to hold my alcohol had been as pathetic as it is today. Whatever, it was Christmas night and I was on roller skates with absolutely no brakes. I would like, however, to categorically put the blame all in the court […]

Doggie Snobbery is Alive and Thriving in Bali

Jilly Cooper’s Class, written in 1979, was a hysterically funny book that took a massive swipe at the pretentiousness of the class system in Britain. It caused a huge uproar that even had the Duke of Edinburgh irritated enough to accost her at a function to deny such a thing still existed in Britain. Cooper […]

How an Old Dog Can Learn Some Really Neat Tricks

Call me stupid! Go ahead – because sticks and stones… But I can tell you I am learning. I am learning daily and that is better than stagnating at this time in my life and just assuming I know it all because I’ve attained this… umm, age. So The Doorman is my perfect case in […]