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Villages in Bali Have Potential to be Tourism Village

The Head of Bali Tourism Depart-ment, Ida Bagus Kade Subhiksu said that all villages area on the island have potential to be tourism village, but we should know the readiness of local people. “All villages in Bali have potential to be developed as tourism village. Now we are heading there but all depend on readiness […]

Twin was Born, Residents are Forbidden to Held Ritual

Residents of Ketewel customary village, gianyar regency, Bali, are forbidden to held religious ritual for 42 days as a resident gave birth to twin, who are one male and one female. “It has been arranged in ‘Pawos’ (article) 70 ‘awig-awigDesaPakraman’ (customary village regulation) of Ketewel,” said the Chief of Ketewel customary village I Wayan Loci. […]

Houses Made from Biscuit to Celebrates Christmas

The home of Santa Claus ornaments made from bread flour biscuit to encourage the Christmas festivity in Aston Denpasar Hotel and Convention Center. “Santa’s house decoration measuring 1.5 x 1.5 meters. Prepared to welcome Christmas in this hotel,” said Rike, Public Relations Manager of Aston Denpasar Hotel and Convention Center. The house was put up […]

Twins Lake As Buleleng’s Compelling Destination

SINGARAJA Tourist Attractions of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan often called twin lakes becomes one of the compelling natural attractions in Buleleng regency, Bali, which attracts domestic and foreign tourists. “I have twice enjoyed two lakes landscape since three years ago. Scenery is still the same, and beautiful,” said Naoka Kobayashi, a tourist from Osaka, […]

Jembrana Revives ‘Makepung’ Tradition

NEGARA Kaliakah Villagers, Jembrana Regency, Bali, reviving the buffalo racing tradition or “Makepung” which take place on the wetlands. “Before makepung popular as it is now, people held the race on the wetlands in the 1930s,” said Mangku Ketut Lega, the elder of Peh Orchard, Kaliakah Village, Monday. Makepung now usually held on the dry […]

Sea Rise Threatens ‘Paradise’ Down Under

When Elaine Pearce left Sydney for the seaside peace of Old Bar 12 years ago, she was assured her new house was a solid investment, with a century’s worth of frontage to guard against erosion. But three neighbours have already lost their homes to the rising ocean and there are scores more at risk as […]

Eating Placenta, an Age-Old Practice in China

After Wang Lan delivered, she brought home a baby girl and her placenta, which she plans to eat in a soup – adopting an age-old practice in Chinese traditional medicine. The health-giving qualities of placenta are currently creating a buzz in Western countries, where some believe it can help ward off postnatal depression, improve breast […]