Snow Place Like Home

By Hannah Black Once in a while, living so far away from my family, I have moments of that deep sadness that only a momma or poppa hug can really cure. Even at 28 years old and after five years of living in Bali there are times I want to jump on a plane and […]

Putting Out Fires

By Chris Erskine Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES ~ The little boy with the Creamsicle hair is beginning the first grade. He’ll be in Room 15, the note from the teacher advises a few days in advance. “Please get a good night’s sleep the night before school starts and eat a healthy breakfast,” the letter […]

Another One Flies the Coop

By Chris Erskine Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES ~ Several large IKEA bags rest outside the little girl’s bedroom door. She is leaving for college soon. By all estimates, she will barely sleep her freshman year, yet she seems to need $300 in bedding. So be it. I try to pick my battles. The other […]

I’m Just Sayin’

By Chris Erskine Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES ~ Random thoughts, while waiting for my advanced-placement steroid tests to come in: * I don’t want to go to any movie that’s louder than my own kids. * Joe Torre is the best thing to happen to Los Angeles since the movie camera. * When someone […]

Life in Web of Summer

By Chris Erskine Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES ~ I’ve been giving it serious thought, and I’m pretty convinced spiders are taking over the world. Not that they wouldn’t do a better job. In the kitchen, there’s a web running from the skylight to the stove. It glistens in the morning light, which leads me […]

A Few Foot Notes

By Chris Erskine Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES ~ I was thinking the other day, while I was getting my toes done, that I need to get out of Los Angeles before it’s too late, before I start frequenting spas or doing picnics at the Hollywood Bowl on a regular basis. In about five years, […]

Beachy Keen

By Chris Erskine Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES ~ I try to keep moving, just so they don’t toe-tag me and send me off to the morgue. I run in the mornings and lift in the evenings, mostly beer and the on-sale Chardonnays. “Dad, you look great for 57,” one of the kids said the […]

The Big A: Anaheim’s Little Slice of Heaven

By Chris Erskine Los Angeles Times If you don’t like Orange County, you don’t like America. They are happy here, “Hi-how-are-ya” happy. I wasn’t welcomed with such passion at my own wedding, by my own bride (It was an arranged marriage. She arranged it; I pretty much just showed up). Yes, it’s good to be […]