The Great Outdoors

By Hannah Black This week I introduced my niece and nephew Kaka and Dara to wonders of the Sony PlayStation. A colleague at work was selling an old console off cheap so I thought I’d treat the kids to something they’ve wanted for a long time. I’m not a big fan of game consoles but […]

Tuned Out but Searching for a Signal

By Hannah Black When news of the volcanic eruption in Iceland broke last week my mother immediately called from the other side of the world, opening the phone call with “Hi, did you hear about the volcano?” The names of active volcanoes lining the Indonesian archipelago promptly began running through my head. Rinjani on neighbouring […]

A Change Has Come Over

By Hannah Black It’s been a big week for visitors this week, and out of five, three were from the Isle of Man. This may not seem like a huge number, but four people (including myself) in Bali at one time from a place with a population of only 75,000 is practically a conference. On […]

Bali’s Magic, Except for the GRRRR Factor

By Hannah Black Sometimes living in Bali can really wear you down. All the positives – sun, sand, etc. – are fantastic things to have in your everyday life, but they sometimes get buried deep, deep down under insane drivers, corruption and silly amounts of bureaucracy. Last week was one of those weeks where I […]

Unswerving but Blinkered Village Devotion

By Hannah Black The lifecycle of Silakarang reared its head this past week, causing huge amounts of work and stress for the whole village. Island-wide last Monday was a one of the last auspicious days before the holy day of Galungan on May 12. Everyone was prepared for a big day, but in my village […]

Sounds of Shattered Silence

By Hannah Black Last Tuesday morning I walked out of my house and up to the main part of my family compound only to find my in-laws chatting and drinking coffee with three people who don’t live in our compound. On any other day this would be completely normal, but it was Nyepi, Bali’s day […]

A Panacea Problem

By Hannah Black Last week I developed a cold, which had been threatening to come on for ages. I fought and fought, but more family members and my colleagues had it than those who didn’t, so I was pretty much fighting a losing battle. I woke up on Sunday morning with an aching back and […]

Green Acres – but for How Long?

By Hannah Black Looking out into the jungle from my back porch this morning listening to buzz of chainsaws, I started worrying about the possibility that my private little space on this jam-packed island may not always be so exclusive. With two villas already under construction only 300 meters down river, I dread the seemingly […]