International Astronomers to Research Total Solar Eclipse in Indonesia

BANDUNG ~ As many as 13 international astronomers have registered with the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Lapan) to research and observe the total solar eclipse that will occur on March 9, 2016. “Although there is still a long time for the eclipse, foreign astronomers have already signed up for research and observation. Till […]

Indonesia Informed After Execution Was Carried Out By Saudi: Minister

JAKARTA ~ Indonesia was informed about Siti Zaenab’s execution by the Saudi Arabian government after it was already carried out, Foreign Affairs Minister Retno L. P. Marsudi said here on Wednesday. “We received the information from our consulate in Jeddah only after the execution had already been carried out,” she stated. Marsudi added that she […]

40.9 Million Residents Live In Landslide-Prone Areas: BNPB

JAKARTA ~ The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) revealed that 40.9 million or around 17.2 percent of Indonesian citizens are living in landslide-prone areas. Head of Data and Information Center of BNPB Sutopo Purwo Nugroho noted here in a statement received on Monday that the landslide disaster mitigation efforts were still minimum, but during the […]

Riau to Extend Wildfire Emergency Status

PEKANBARU ~ Riau authorities will extend the forest and plantation fire emergency status, which will end on March 31, 2015, to anticipate the reemergence of wildfires in the upcoming dry season. “Fires and hotspots still exist in the coastal areas, such as Bengkalis District. Therefore, the (acting) governor of Riau will soon extend the fire […]

Police Convinced Blocked Websites Carried Radical Content

JAKARTA ~ The Indonesian police claim that the 19 websites that were blocked did, indeed, carry radical content. “The websites were dangerous; their content was provocative. So they had to be blocked,” spokesman for the National Police (Polri) Brig. Gen. Anton Charliyan said at the Police Headquarters here on Wednesday. He admitted that the Polri […]

Turkish Government to Deport 12 Indonesians

JAKARTA ~ The Turkish government will deport 12 of the 16 Indonesian nationals who were detained in the city of Gaziantep, Turkey, according to the police. “The Turkish government will deport 12 of the 16 Indonesian nationals,” Deputy Chief of the National Police of Indonesia, Commissioner General Badrodin Haiti, said here on Monday. The police […]

Government Urged To Monitor Travel Agents to Anticipate ISIS

JAKARTA ~ A legislator has urged the government to monitor travel agents organizing minor hajj pilgrimage to anticipate the possibility of participants using their programs only to join ISIS. “The case of people using the pilgrimage program only as a way to reach Syria to join the ISIS must never happen again. Although travel agents […]

Indonesia Should Raise Number of Engineers

JAKARTA ~ Indonesia needs to increase the number of engineers in the country as the ratio of this figure to the total population is still lower than that of neighboring countries. “Indonesia is a great country, but has a poor number of engineers. The total number of engineers in the country is the lowest among […]