Coloring “Competition”

By David D’Amato CNN reports on the controversy surrounding discovery of horsemeat in beef products in the United Kingdom, France and Sweden: “UK food businesses have been ordered to test all processed beef products for ‘authenticity’ and report back to the authorities by Friday.” Calls for more stringent regulatory structures are already proliferating in Europe […]

Awareness for Shark Finning Consumption!

  By Yenifer Canelon The Oceanographer The balance of the ecosystem is extremely important because all organisms belonging to the ecosystem depend upon each other to maintain this balance. All living organisms within an ecosystem are called a community. The organisms within a community are co-dependent upon each other. The relationship between these organisms forms […]

State-Regulation of the British Press: So What?

By Sean Gabb At the moment in England, our masters and their clients are discussing censorship of the newspaper press. After months of submissions, a government inquiry into newspaper conduct has finished, and its report will almost certainly call for what is called “a rule-based framework of regulation.” The surface argument is between those who […]

Govt Tightening Use of Subsidized Fuels

In an effort to maintain its quota, the government is tightening subsidized fuel consumption by taking several measures, including limiting certain vehicles’ fuel consumption, launching a subsidized fuel-free day and introducing a new payment system. The government has previously set the quota of subsidized fuel consumption at 40 million kiloliters in the 2012 state budget […]

?America after the Sikh Temple Shooting

By Valarie Kaur On Friday, I participated in a memorial for the victims of the 4 August shooting in a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. I am a third-generation Sikh American, and as the ceremony drew to a close, I tweeted, “May this not be the last moment the nation watches and mourns with […]

Can Football Unite Muslims and Christians in Egypt?

By Mustafa Abdelhalim During the 2012 Summer Olympics, each country cheered for its athletes’ success. In Egypt, this hope went beyond winning. For a country with many societal divides, sports – particularly football [American soccer] – can strengthen social cohesion and national identity. Egypt’s participation in the Olympics could not be more symbolic of the […]

A Palestinian Journalist, an Israeli President and a Shared Future

By Tahseen Yaqin As part of a group of Palestinian journalists, I made my way to Jerusalem on a hot day, crossing the Israeli military checkpoint at Al-Ram with an entry permit. We were headed to the residence of Israeli president Shimon Peres, even though the Palestine Journalists’ Association had instructed us to boycott the […]

Can Israelis and Palestinians Learn from Srebrenica?

By Einat Levi As a Jewish Israeli, I had assumed that the Holocaust ceremonies that take place in Israel every year would have made me more immune to grief than others. I was wrong – being present at a ceremony commemorating the 8,000 Muslims killed in Srebrenica, Bosnia during the wars in the former Yugoslavia […]