Painful Performances

By Richard Boughton I can’t stand grade-school plays. I know it sounds mean and un-parent-like, but there you have it. At least I’m honest – although honesty itself may as well have saved its breath for all the difference it has ever made where my attendance at these tedious, interminable events is concerned. I don’t […]

Whinging in the Rain

By Richard Boughton My wife doesn’t like the rain. She finds it wet and inconvenient. It’s especially wet and inconvenient when one’s only available mode of transportation is a motorbike. Clearly, having to drive a motorbike through Bali’s torrential rains – or having to be conveyed upon the back of one, which is the situation in […]

Bali’s Frog Chorus May Be Song of Another Land

By Richard Boughton There are a lot of frogs in Bali. It’s the next thing to a biblical plague. Not that I have anything against frogs, or any intention of casting insult upon their kind. I employ the biblical reference only to convey the idea of a great multitude, and also to suggest that they […]

Words from the Less-Than-Wise

By Richard Boughton Concurrent with the worldwide outpouring of sober remembrance and renewed sympathy on the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks on America came also some rather zany viewpoints from various corners of the globe. From Malaysia, for instance, comes the notion that the collapse of the two towers of the World Trade Center […]

Am I My Father’s Son?

By Mark Ulyseas For The Bali Times One has been ambushed by some readers of this column, reproaching me for writing about other people whilst conveniently ignoring my own angst. Well, dear readers, here you have it” the oracle speaks of itself. He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. – […]

A Love Song to Bali

By Mark Ulyseas For The Bali Times This is an appeal to all those who want to drape Bali, to cover her beauty and sensuality that is the very soul of her spirituality. Please don’t do it. Dear SP, You asked me on that fateful rain-swept night whether I was in love with Bali; here […]

Wilde in Bali

The Late Writers & Readers festival – Day Two By Mark Ulyseas For The Bali Times We are now into the second day of this lively festival of internationally renowned dead writers who have arrived in paradise wearing coats of many cultures and waxing eloquent on the frailties of life and the temptations of physiological […]

The Late Writers & Readers Festival – Day One

By Mark Ulyseas For The Bali Times This is the first in a series of meetings with remarkable writers who are attending the festival. In this issue we discuss with D.H. Lawrence his controversial book Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Tell me a word That you’ve often heard, Yet it makes you squint When you see it […]