Hawkeye’s View of America

By Mark Ulyseas For The Bali Times Where else, but from the industrialized world, did the suicide hijackers learn that huge explosions and death above a city skyline are a peculiar and effective form of communication? They have mastered the language. They understand that the use of disproportionate violence against innocents is a way to […]

In Bali, At Heaven’s Door

By Mark Ulyseas For The Bali Times This incident occurred last month. Names and places have been changed. Mama wipe the blood off my face I can’t see through it anymore I need someone to talk to and a new hiding place Feel like I’m looking at heaven’s door Mama I can hear the thunder […]

A Meeting with a Rainbow Warrior

By Mark Ulyseas For The Bali Times There is a prophecy from the First Nations of America that there will come a time when the earth will become sick, its waters polluted and the skies full of smoke and at that time there will rise up from all around the planet warriors and they would […]

Expats Teetering on the Edge, and Those Who Make It

By Mark Ulyseas For The Bali Times Seize the day, pluck it and suck on the nectar of life – and be happy, one day at a time. Sitting at Devilicous on Jl. Gootama pondering the fate of the cigar industry if I gave up smoking, my thoughts were interrupted by a foot-tapping Creole song […]

The New Wave: Reverse Discrimination

By Mark Ulyseas For The Bali Times A wacky friend from Oz told me that I was qualified to write on the following subject because I was a “brown skinned Indian” and therefore could not be mistaken for a racist. I told him that racism has been alive and well in India for thousands of […]

Tacky, Soulless Art amid a Vacuity of Inspiration

By Mark Ulyseas For The Bali Times UBUD ~ Recently a dog was starved to death as part of an art installation. And presently an artist is looking for a dying person to be part of another – the artist’s depiction of “real death.” No canvasses, no oils, brushes or easels – just insensitivity to […]

Creative License Up for Renewal

By The Mark Ulyseas For The Bali Times This is my 50th column for The Bali Times. It would have been the 52nd but for Christmas week, when there is a double edition, and the fact that I missed a deadline this year. All in all, it has been one invigorating, vibrating, intensive year that […]

We Are the Paradox

By Mark Ulyseas For The Bali Times This week’s column is about the use, or should I say misuse, of religion to suit our personal needs on the isle. We hop, skip and jump between religions converting at the drop of a hat to get married in paradise. However, we never forget not to make […]