Bali: First Impressions of a Visiting Indian

By V.S.Gopalakrishnan I am a Tamilian from Chennai and living in Mumbai, India, on an educational and recreational trip to this beautiful island of Bali. The history, culture and wonders of nature of this island attracted me on to this trip. Over the last few days whatever I have seen, absorbed and learned are really […]

French-Turkish Researchers Detect Early Quake Signals

Franco-Turkish researchers have found that a deadly 1999 earthquake in Turkey was preceded by seismic signals, raising hopes of a predictive system for future tremors as Japan reels from its disaster. Studying copious data from the period just before the quake hit Turkey’s northwestern Kocaeli province on August 17, 1999, the seismologists discovered what they […]

Quake Shifted Japan Away from Korea

The massive earthquake that devastated northeastern Japan has shifted the country more than two metres away from the neighbouring Korean peninsula, scientists said. The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASSI) said the Korean peninsula moved east up to five centimetres while Japan shifted some 2.4 metres east. Consequently, the distance between the countries increased […]

Internet Users Worldwide Reaches Two Billion

The number of ionternet users worldwide has mushroomed to reach the two billion mark, the head of the UN’s telecommunications agency, Hamadoun Toure, has said. The number of mobile phone subscriptions also reached the symbolic threshold of five billion, the secretary general of the UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) said. “At the beginning of the […]

Weighty Mission: Redefine the Kilo

Scientists are moving closer to coming up with a non-physical definition of the kilo after discovering the metal artefact used as the international standard had shed a little weight. Researchers caution there is still some way to go before their mission is complete, but if successful it would lead to the end of the useful […]

For Santa Fan It’s Christmas Every Day

It began with an innocent legacy from an elderly aunt, when she bequeathed Jean-Guy Laquerre an early 20th-century papier-mache Santa Claus figure two decades ago. But with the passage of time a nascent fascination with all things Christmas has turned into an obsession for the retired teacher, who has now won himself a place in […]

‘Baby Black Hole’ Offers Insight into Cosmic Enigma

Astronomers announced this week they had found the youngest black hole ever found in Earth’s cosmic neighbourhood, a discovery offering a rare chance to probe one of the mightiest and strangest forces in the Universe. The black hole is believed to be a remnant of SN 1979C, a supernova in the galaxy M100, some 50 […]

Facebook Launches New Messaging Service, Including Email

Facebook launched a next-generation online messaging service this week that includes email addresses in a move seen as a shot across the bow of Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg unveiled what he called a “convergent” modern messaging system that “handles messages seamlessly across all the ways you want to communicate.” The […]