How I ended up Investing in Bali

Our family has been visiting Bali almost every year for almost a decade now. We simply love this beautiful Island. Every year we would visit for at least a week and go back with a heavy heart. It’s not like Bali is indifferent than any other vacation spots but we just simply love it for […]

Bali’s Real Estate Revolution

All of these developments over the years has brought a great boom in the Bali’s real estate market. People from all over the world are now looking to make a safe and sound investment in Bali’s real estate. This increased attention also brought someof my friends to my door step on their trips just for […]

The Beautiful Bali Home

On our last visit we remembered a real estate office being renovated in Petitenget, luckily I remembered it’s name and thought of looking it up on the internet to see if they have a website. To my surprise they turned out to be the biggest villa hub in Bali called Kibarer Property After exploring their […]

Our Paradise in Bali The Island of Gods

Earlier this year we as a family decided to take a trip down to the memory lane to our favorite destination Bali. Last time we visited Bali was in 2009 and everything was perfect other than the accomodation. We had a difficulties with general & hygiene standards with a number of hotels and villas which […]

Bali Forever

I have been visiting Bali regularly for about 6 years now. I have seen it grow from a child to a man. I have seen it taking the good decisions, the bad decisions and the ugly decisions. It is like a child with bad parents who grew on its on. Made his own choices whatever […]

Why Bali

We bought our villa in Bali last year near Canggu area through Kibarer Property. Since then almost everyone that we know and who knows that we have bought a property in Bali keep questioning us the same thing “ WHY BALI”. My wife however doesn’t feel obliged in answering them politely and gets away with […]

Bali – From Bad to Good

I wouldn’t lie if I say I was a bit nervous, doubtful and paranoid when my company told us that I have been selected to work in Bali to look for a new site for our company’s office and a guest house. I won’t go into much detail about my job but let’s say my […]

Why not Bali as Permanent Residence for a Foreigner

Being a world traveller people around me look up to me whenever they are planning to make a vacation trip or when they have a mindset for investing for vacation home. However there has been a recent rising trend in Australia for investing in vacation villas in Bali. So whenever they ask me I am […]