My Bali Mischief

Every year is a new story for me and my family where to go for the vacations and every year it is more like a world war 3 in our house. This year was no different to us, multiple location, endless arguments and no conclusions. So we managed to write down the name of our […]

My Dream Vacation Villa in Bali

The first time I ever visited Bali was in 2004 and it was probably in it’s best authentic Balinese tradition then. Since then I fell in love with this place and took an oath to myself that one day I will own a villa on this Island of Gods which I will use for personal […]

Tour De Bali

I & my wife always plan a vacation in summers as we love to travel and explore however we always have a difficulty in choosing the location because she is more towards the beaches, malls and surfing whereas I am an explorer who loves mountains, long hikes, lush greenery and snow peaks. So as always […]

My Bali Exploration

Earlier this year it was one of those times for me in my life where I was actually fed up of everything as you can imagine someone with almost no social life, constant work and no vacations in the past 5 years. So I decided to leave everything and take a vacation but for the […]

Seminyak – My kind of heaven

As we all know Bali is the Island of Gods however there is always one place in such heaven which takes the cake and for me Seminyak it is. Not long ago when everybody loved Kuta, which is now a tourist trash. Fully crowded and not an ideal place to enjoy your vacation. I was […]

Bali – The Tropical Heaven of Gods

However there is always one place which you can relate with and for us Bali is just that place. We visit it once almost every 2 years. The best part about Bali is that it is a tropical heaven of perfect blend of every thing. From intriguing Balinese culture to modern crazy night life, from […]

Bali – Yesterday, Today and For Future

Bali is just that place which when comes in to a discussion even slightly, reminds you of a perfect heavenly place. It’s not just an Island, it’s memories, inspiration, fascination and trascending place of mind. If you take a hard look at Bali’s past you will find that it has always been there with it’s […]

Why not Bali as Permanent Residence for a Foreigner

Being a world traveller people around me look up to me whenever they are planning to make a vacation trip or when they have a mindset for investing for vacation home. However there has been a recent rising trend in Australia for investing in vacation villas in Bali. So whenever they ask me I am […]