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Bali – From Bad to Good

I wouldn’t lie if I say I was a bit nervous, doubtful and paranoid when my company told us that I have been selected to work in Bali to look for a new site for our company’s office and a guest house. I won’t go into much detail about my job but let’s say my […]

Why not Bali as Permanent Residence for a Foreigner

Being a world traveller people around me look up to me whenever they are planning to make a vacation trip or when they have a mindset for investing for vacation home. However there has been a recent rising trend in Australia for investing in vacation villas in Bali. So whenever they ask me I am […]

Farewell to the Island of Gods

All good things must come to an end so does my decade over stay in Bali. I moved here back in 2004 on an official assignment. Initially the assignment was of 10 months just to setup the basic infrastructure for office of my company over here. However I fell in love with this place so […]

Kuta – The Dark Side of Bali

Being an Australian I was highly recommend by my colleagues and friends to visit Bali at least once in my life. Actually I was being forced over the years to visit like it was some kind ritual I had to perform to prove my Australian nationality. I have been to Europe, Thailand, India, Pakistan and […]

Life of a Foreigner in Bali

Bali being the Island of Gods has caught the attraction because of its beauty and culture. Government is constantly taking precautions to ensure safety for tourists. It’s been five years that I have moved here as well with my wife. Being a seasoned foreigner citizen I felt obligated to share my thoughts on how it […]

My Beachfront Heaven

I and my wife are happily married for 18 years now; when we were dating we took an oath of buying a perfect beach house where we could enjoy our vacations and private moments away from the worries of the world. However just like they say time runs faster than you think and it took […]

Bali – The Old & The New

What do you find when you search Bali on the Google? A beautiful picture of temples and disclaimers of it being an Island of Gods. A serene place with thousands of temples? Crystal clear water and white sandy beaches? Well true to some extent but only true about the old Bali. New Bali is totally […]

My Villa Venture in Bali

It has been years since me and my family has been exploring different part of world which offers exotic beaches, peace of mind and luxury at the same time. Being an Australian I know the feeling of being an outlander as compared to the rest of the world when it comes to the weather. I […]