Bali – My New Home

Living in an urban jungle for all of your life makes you incapcitated. Some people get so used to of it that they actually hate taking vacations which involve going out of their urban jungle. I on the other hand always wanted to be set free of it. So since college I started saving to […]

Bali – The Home Away From Home

I was 18 when I first visited Bali and it was a long time back. It wasn’t the Bali as you know of now. There were no villa developments, there were not many fancy 5 star hotels here or the shopping malls as you see now in Bali. But it was pure love and over the […]

Viva La Bali

Like every year my family forced me to go to Bali, this is like a tradition now. For over a decade we have been visiting Bali and still they can not get enough of it. I can now literally draw a map of Bali on a paper street wise and trust me you will find […]

Bali – My Home My Heaven

We all have priorities in life, some people like to live lavishly, some people like to travel and some like to just keep things easy & simple. I am a very simple man but I always had a dream since childhood to save enough money so I can just simply buy a mansion in an […]

Precious Good Old Bali

There was a time when me & my wife were young and we used to explore new ventures, places and tourists spots every year on vacation and then life happened, we grew old. So eventually the vacation trips stopped, we had kids so we got busy in the life like everybody else and we forgot […]

Mythical, Mystical, My Bali

Being a middle eastern expat, I was tired of spending my vacations in the famous vacation wonderous tourist spot like Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi etc. Yes they are islands but they do not fulfill the need for the nature which is missing. I have been to Malaysia, Maldives as well but this time I was […]

Bali – My New Journey

We all have been through that phase of life where we realize that we haven’t done anything for ourselves for a long long time. What we have been doing is either for our career, family or friends and somewhere in doing that we have lost what we actually were. So this was a phase of […]

My Bali Mischief

Every year is a new story for me and my family where to go for the vacations and every year it is more like a world war 3 in our house. This year was no different to us, multiple location, endless arguments and no conclusions. So we managed to write down the name of our […]