Village Funds Face Threat of Misuse in Regional Elections

DENPASAR ~ The funds of more than Rp20.7 trillion allocated for rural development are prone to misappropriation by irresponsible parties in the regional elections, a spokesman for the Bali Regional Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) said. “Irresponsible parties tend to misuse the village funds in the regional elections because they are managed at the village level,” […]

Bali No Longer Exports Seaweed: Official

DENPASAR ~ Bali will no longer export seaweed, its primary export commodity in recent years, since its production fulfilled only the needs of local markets and it was traded among islands of Java, a top official said. Speaking here on Saturday, Head of the Bali Provincial National Bureau of Statistics Pansunan Siregar stated that other […]

Disperindag Denpasar Intensify the Socialization on Ban of Liquor Sales

DENPASAR ~ Department of Industry and Trade Denpasar, Bali intensify the socialization of the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages (Mikol) class A to small traders, stalls and supermarkets in the local area. “We’ve been socialized to businesses and small stalls not to sell alcoholic beverages class A,” said Chief of cooperation and protection […]

EnviroPallets commemorate Environment Day with Event Titled Seven Billion Dreams Consume with Care

TABANAN ~ World Environment Day which fell on June 5, inspired people to refresh their awareness towards the environment and participate in maintaining and protecting our surrounding environment. To that end, Enviro Pallets with BLH (Environment Body) and DKP (Sanitation and Parks Agency) of Tabanan Regency and Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia staged an activity by making […]

Industry and Trade Department Asks Distributor Not to Cheat on Rice Price

DENPASAR ~ Industry and Trade Department (Disperindag) of Denpasar, Bali requested agencies of rice distributors and retailers not to cheat in setting the price of rice. “I hope the distributor of rice increase the price sensibly,” said Head of Cooperation and Protection of Disperidag Denpasar Jarot Agung, in Denpasar, on Thursday. This was done to […]

Murderer of an Englishman Sentenced 12 Years in Prison

DENPASAR ~ Julaikah Noor Aini or Noor Ellis was sentenced to 12 years in prison for murdering an Englishman Robert Kevin Ellis,60, who is the husband of the suspect. The verdict for Noor Ellis was given in a trial in the Denpasar District Court on Wednesday. Meanwhile, two housemaids who helped Noor Ellis to find […]

Infrastructure Problems Cause Congestion in Ubud

GIANYAR ~ Infrastructure and transportation problems are the major cause of traffic congestion in the art village of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. According to the leader of Transportation in Ubud area research team Ibnu Syabri the lack of parking, the use of body of road as a parking lot and unclear traffic signs in pedestrian are […]

Gov Asks Disdikpora to Warn an Elementary School in Jembrana

DENPASAR ~ Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika asked Disdikpora (Education and Sports Department) of the province to warn SDN (elementary school) 5 Tukadaya, Jembrana Regency, which allowed its students to follow erotic dance at a farewell ceremony at the school. Head of Public Relations of Provincial Government of Bali Dewa Gede Mahendra Putra stated that […]