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Lake Batur Bangli Suffer Seven Meters Siltation

DENPASAR ~ Lake Batur in Bangli Regency, one of the four lakes in Bali and included to the world heritage area (WBD) experiencing seven meters of silting, which makes the water began to flow to Trunyan, an ancient village on the shores. “Local community leaders Jero Gede Alitan revealed it at a meeting of world […]

Nine Drug Dealers Arrested In Denpasar

DENPASAR ~ Police Narcotics Investigation Unit Denpasar, Bali, within two weeks managed to arrest nine drug dealers which the main consumers are high school students and college students. “Distribution of the drugs was conducted targeting students in Denpasar,” said Head of Denpasar Police Commissioner Djoko Hariutomo in Denpasar on Thursday. According to him, the nine […]

Bali Corruption Watch Encourages Society to Do Anti-Corruption Movement

DENPASAR ~ Chairman of Bali Corruption Watch (BCW) Putu Virata Dwikora pushing elements of society to do anti-corruption movement. “Corruption can be prevented and eradicated if all people concerned and ready to be anti-corruption. Society must dare to speak the truth and honesty as well as report on the actions of persons suspected doing corruption,” […]

Int’l Medical Law Experts to Hold Meeting In Bali

JAKARTA ~ International health law and forensic experts will hold a World Congress on Medical Law in Nusa Dua, Bali, next August 22-24, 2014. “The congress will among other things discuss law enforcement in health-related criminal case, health law, medical law, legal medicine, forensic medicine, bioethics and medical ethics,” said President of the Congress M […]

Gianyar Regency Government Urged to Regulate Ubud Parking

DENPASAR ~ Bali Provincial Parliament Member Cokorda Gede Asmara Putra Sukawati, urged Gianyar Regency Government to curb the parking lot in Ubud to reduce traffic jam. “The government should start making arrangements for travelers’ vehicle parking in Ubud which is increasing in the region,” he said in Denpasar on Wednesday. According to him, it is […]

River Silting Disrupt Agriculture

NEGARA ~ Siltation of river in Jembrana Regency as a result of inconsiderate waste dumping done by the residents around the river, has been disrupting the supply of water for agriculture. “The impact of the river silting due to the garbage, not only flooding and disease, but also affects the flow of water for agriculture,” […]

Regional Regulation of Green Line Burdens Badung Residents

BADUNG ~ Badung United Forum (FBB) considered Regional Regulation on the Green Line in Badung, Bali, burdens local communities because many green belt roads built on the rice fields. “Strangely the owners use their rice fields that included in the green line is charged with violating the regulation and could be subject to sanctions in […]

Police Arrest Sea Sand Thief

NEGARA ~ Officers of Mendoyo Police, Jembrana Regency, arrested sea sand thief while doing his action in Yehembang Village Beach, on Wednesday. “We caught the perpetrator while bringing sea sand onto the truck, by involving a number of workers,” said Mendoyo police chief, Commissioner Wayan Sinaryasa. He said that the perpetrator with initials MW is […]