Vice Governor of Bali Asks the Arrangement of VIP Airport Lounge

MANGUPURA ~ Deputy Governor of Bali Ketut Sudikerta requested that the VIP room at the Ngurah Rai International Airport to be tightened and should only given to certain people who have been licensed by the Governor of Bali. “People entitled to use VIP is already exist in the Governor’s Rule in the form of Regulations, […]

Bali Plans to Provide Free Entrance for Tourist Attractions

DENPASAR ~ Bali Revenue Department plans to provide free entrance ticket to a number of attractions that are under the authority of the local provincial government, especially for students of elementary and kindergarten. “Related to the plan, it is being studied by non-tax revenue section,” said Head of Bali Revenue Department Made Santha, in Denpasar […]

Klungkung Regency Attracts More Foreign Investors

SEMARAPURA ~ Investment Office of Klungkung Regency, Bali received a request to invest in various sectors involving ten foreign investment projects worth USD211.85 million during 2014. Head of Investment Office Klungkung Ida Bagus Jumpung said that it shows the investment climate in Klungkung is conducive, so the large capital owners are willing to work on […]

Bali Government Asks for Infrastructure Investment Support from China

DENPASAR ~ Bali provincial government asked the businessman from China to invest in the infrastructure sector on the island as part of efforts to develop sustainable tourism. “In order to increase tourist visits to Bali, it is very important to provide adequate infrastructure such as roads, electricity, water and other good things,” Economic and Development […]

Bali Needs to do Research to Remove Poverty

DENPASAR ~ Professor of Udayana University Prof. Dr. Wayan Windia assessed the need for Bali Provincial Government in doing extensive and in-depth research to measure the success in alleviating the problem of poverty in Bali. “This effort will obtain accurate data for planning further development programs related to various aspects of community life,” said Prof […]

Bali’s Economy Grew 6.20 Percent in Q1

DENPASAR ~ The Balinese economy grew 6.20 percent in the first quarter of 2015, surpassing the national economic growth of 4.71 percent during the same period. “However, the economic growth slowed down as compared to the same quarter last year when it reached 6.55 percent,” Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Office in Bali […]

Bali is Expected to become Tourism Training Center

DENPASAR ~ Head of Institute of Public Administration (LAN) Prof. Dr. Agus Dwiyanto expected Bali to be a training center for leaders in the country who deals in the field of tourism and creative economy. “In future developments, we hope Department of Tourism in province, regency, until echelon II in ministries and institutions to join […]

Hoteliers Should Greening Upstream Area

DENPASAR ~ Academician from University of Udayana Dr. Ir Made Sudarma encouraged hoteliers to greening the upstream area to maintain the availability of water in Bali. “On the development of tourism facilities, such as hotels and villas have to think also about the availability of water sources. The hotel company has to pay attention to […]