Indonesia Offers Lifelong Lessons for Australian Volunteers

Indonesia’s culture and diversity are just some of the lessons that hundreds of Australian volunteers take with them when they return home, according to the Australian Embassy here on its official website on Saturday. Over the past nine years, more than 750 Australian volunteers have taken up assignments in Indonesia, with nearly 200 volunteers over […]

ASITA Expects Government Increase Infrastructure to Face MEA

DENPASAR ~ Association of Indonesian Travel Agency in Bali expected the government to improve the infrastructure and tourism accessibility to face ASEAN Economic Community in 2015. “If the infrastructure is improved then the tourism targets can be achieved,” said Chairman of ASITA Bali, Ketut Ardana in Denpasar on Wednesday. According to him, the readiness of […]

Badung Government Targets 50 Hectare of Asparagus Plantation

MANGUPURA ~ Badung Regency, Bali, targeting 50 hectares of Asparagus plantation in  Pelaga vilage, considering the demand from various companies continue to increase. “Currently, we have developed 46 hectares of land with eight groups of farmers and have penetrated markets in several neighboring countries,” said Head of Industry and Trade of Badung, I Ketut Karpiana […]

Nusa Penida to Become Strategic Area of Tourism

NUSA PENIDA ~ Nusa Penida in Klungkung Regency is one of the 21 strategic areas of tourism that has been set in Bali, making it necessary to make a plan in order to support the local wisdom to be well preserved. “Nusa Penida an island separated from the mainland Bali become a tourist area that […]

Govt Officially Recognizes Mount Padang as Tourist Destination

DEPOK ~ The ministries of culture and education and of tourism have officially announced that Mount Padang is a tourist destination, according to General Director of the Culture-based Creative Economy for the Ministry of Tourism Ahman Sya. Sya stated here on Tuesday that West Java’s provincial government had approved the Mount Padang site, located in […]

3.1 Million Foreign Tourists Visit Bali

DENPASAR ~ A total of 3,122,893 million foreign tourists visited Bali province during the period of January to October 2014, increasing by 16.86 percent from those in the same period last year, the province’s Tourism Office data showed. Based on the data, Bali received an average of 310,000 foreign tourists every month. Local tourism observer […]

Senior Minister Hopes Transportation Service to Cancel Nationwide Strike

JAKARTA ~ Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Sofyan Djalil will communicate with the Organization of Land Transportation Owners (Organda) on its plan to hold a nationwide strike on Wednesday against the subsidized fuel prices hikes. “We hope not (no nationwide strike), we will communicate and discuss it, Organda should also consider the interests of the […]

Culture Give Convenience to Foreign Tourists in Bali

DENPASAR ~ Bali develop tourism sector which based on culture and imbued by the teachings of Hinduism, is able to provide the convenience to foreign tourists who enjoy their vacation in Bali, so that the number of tourist arrivals continue to grow. “Moreover, a positive assessment of the Business Traveler Magazine reader, Hong Kong publisher, […]