Mepasah, Funeral Tradition of Trunyan Village

SEMINYAK Trunyan located in the area of Kintamani, Bangli regency, Bali. Trunyan is a remote village on the shores of Lake Batur, so for travelers who want to enter Trunyan have to cross by boat passing Lake Batur. Trunyan which is one of the areas inhabited by tribe of ‘Bali Aga’ or ‘Bali Mula; still […]

“SeaWalker” in Serangan Become a Favorite Spot

DENPASAR Foreign tourists love the sport vehicle walking under the sea in a tour package of  “underwater seawalker”, at Melasti Beach, Serangan Island, Denpasar, Bali, because it has a unique coral reefs . “In a day an average of 100 to 150 tourists try to ride it especially from China, Australia, Japan and domestic,” said […]

Architecture of Bali Houses Bali is Getting Extinct

DENPASAR Since long ago, the ‘undagi’ (traditional Balinese architect) very strictly and religiously follow the rules or grip in the building, according to the rules of development in Bali which is known in ‘Lontar Asta Kosala Kosali’ or Asta Petali. Previously ‘Undagi’ did not venture to out of the concept that has been outlined by […]

Buleleng “Mekorot” Festival Preserving North Bali Culture

SINGARAJA Department of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Buleleng, Bali assessed that “Mekorot” Festival 2015 in Lovina, Bali preserves the distinctive culture of North Bali. “Culture of snitching kites or` mekorot` is a genuine culture of Buleleng that must be preserved by all parties, “said Kadisbudpar Buleleng, Singaraja Gede Suyasa on Tuesday. He explained that his […]

Food of Bali Ritual

Hindu community in Bali believes that food plays an important role in ritual and worship. Food offered to the gods called “Prasada” which in Sanskrit means “mercy,” or grace. Preparing offer to the gods is part of meditation of strong reflection. Food in Balinese ceremony is often described as a feast for Gods and often […]

‘Teruna Teruni’ Bali 2015 Visits Indivara Aesthetic

DENPASAR After the grand final show, the election night of Teruna Teruni Bali 2015 which took place on 25 October 2015 , the finalists began a series of working visits to several places. On October 24, 2015, the finalists got opportunity to visit Indivara Aesthetic located at Jalan Tukad Barito 29 Denpasar. Indivara Aesthetic has […]

Gamelan of Gita Semara Flute, Presented Art of Water and Generation

DENPASAR Gamelan of Gita Semara Flute, under the composer Wayan ‘Pacet’ Sudiarsa will present a musical art in the event of Student Arts Festival ‘Kitalogini’ ISI Denpasar, Friday, October 30, 2015. Wayan ‘Pacet’ Sudiarsa as a composer who also will play a meaningful work entitled ‘Water and Generation’. In this concert Gamelan of Gita Semara […]

Candidasa Temple History

Maybe some people or travelers already know Candidasa Temple, but there is no harm if we flashback on its history. The temple is located in Banjar Samuh, Bugbug village, Karangasem, its location at the edge of the highway that connects the two districts of Klungkung and Karangasem. To get to the temple from Denpasar is […]