Promotion of Bali Tourism in Australia Will Stay Intense

DENPASAR ~ Bali tourism remains to promote the island intensively in Australia to attract more tourists visit from the country in the middle of the issue of death penalty in drug case. “We are still doing promotion in Australia, through the sales mission,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) Ida Bagus Ngurah […]

Bangli Regency Develops Jehem as Tourism Village

DENPASAR ~ Bangli Regency Government is developing Jehem Village in Tembuku district as a tourism village in 2015 by relying on the culture and history of the village. “This year we develop Jehem as a tourism village. The village has a traditional cave and temple that has existed since ancient times,” said Regent of Bangli […]

Three Institutions Agree Not to Broadcast on Nyepi Celebration

Three agencies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for not doing television and radio broadcasts during Nyepi Day for Hindus in Bali on March 21st, 2015. The three institutions namely Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID) representing broadcasters Bali, Bali Provincial Government and Information Commission I DPRD (Legislative Council) Bali Province in the local parliament building […]

Mayor of Denpasar Suggests to Keep Bali’s Local Wisdom

Mayor of Den-pasar Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijawa Mantra encouraged Balinese to maintain its local wisdom of culture as a source of inspiration in improving competitiveness in the era of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. “We urge people to keep the heritage and local wisdom to face AEC in enhancing the competitiveness and the potential […]

More Chinese Tourists Forecast To Arrive In Bali during Imlek

DENPASAR ~ The Indonesian Tourism Industry Association’s (GIPI’s) Bali chapter has forecast an increase of up to 12 percent in the number of Chinese tourists visiting Bali during the Lunar New Year, locally known as Imlek. “During the long Imlek holidays, the number of Chinese tourists always surges at an average of 12 percent,” GIPI’s […]

Bali Governor Reminds Community to Help in Managing Waste

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika reminded people in the area to always maintain the cleanliness and waste management as it has been the main complaint of tourists who visit the island. “Steps have been taken to overcome the garbage and I keep reminding it. I speak today and it will be working only for a […]

Save Mangrove Forests, Return to Past Glory of Maritime Era

Surabaya city mayor Tri Rismaharini said saving mangrove forests means a return to the past glory of maritime era. Risma said conservation of the coastal area would preserve the ecosystem providing habitat for marine creatures as well as sea vegetation. “If the ecosystem is well preserved our sea would be rich in fish species,” Risma […]

Tourism Ministry Allocates Rp100 Billion for Bali’s Tourism Promotion

DENPASAR ~ Tourism Ministry allocates Rp100 billion for tourism in Bali in 2015 in the form of promotional programs targeting countries that supplies large number of tourists to the island. “We can commit in amount of Rp100 billion for Bali,” said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya in Bali Tourism Board (BTB) in Denpasar, on Thursday. He […]