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Fire in Badung Burns Three Temples

MANGUPURA ~ Fire occurred in Badung regency, Bali, burned three temples and resulted a loss of Rp200 millions. “The fire broke out at 04:30 pm due to a number of children who burned trash outside the temple and the fire gets bigger and burning the temples,” said the Chief Executive of the Regional Disaster Management […]

Karangasem Need to Establish New Tourism Object

A tourism observer and practitioner stated that Karangasem Regency, Bali need to establish new attraction to increase the number of tourists’ visit both domestic and foreign more than in 2013, which reach 461,515 people. According to Tjokorda Gede Agung in Denpasar, Karangasem nature is still fresh and beautiful so that the travelers choosing the area […]

Ubud Artists Combine East and West Influences

Artists in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, considered successfully combining the influence of East and West parts of the world in creating works of art. “Without elements of patronizing, dozens of artists in Ubud interact with the West through Walter Spies (1893-1942) and Bonnet (1895-1978). Both are living for a long time in Ubud,” said Anak Agung […]

Thousands People Follow Betara Turun Kabeh Ritual

Thousands of people who came from eight regencies and one city in Bali did worship together at the peak of the ritual Betara Turun Kabeh at Besakih Temple, the largest Hindu temple in Bali, on Monday. The ritual led by six High Priests of Besakih ran solemnly and smoothly. Clinking sound of the bell, the […]

Balinese Craft Design Need to be Improved

Chairman of the National Crafts Council of Bali, Ayu Pastika stated that the craft design from Bali needs to be improved to be more creative and innovative in order to compete with other regions. “We have to begin to improve the craft products to be more creative, innovative and improve the quality of human resources […]

Election Not Yet Influence Bali Tourism

DENPASAR ~ Department of Tourism recorded that ahead to Legislative Election until now it doesn’t influence tourism in Bali yet, as the security situation in Bali is categorized to be conducive. “I hope the tourism sector is not affected by political situation ahead to the election,” said the Head of Department of Tourism of Bali […]

Foreign Tourists Visit to Bali Increase by 16.90 Percent

DENPASAR ~ Foreign tourists enjoying vacation in Bali during January-February 2014 as many as 555,052 people or increase 16.90 percent compared to the same period in previous year, which was recorded 474,803 people. “Most of them come through Ngurah Rai Airport by flying directly from their country, only 7,000 people come through the sea port […]

Balinese Wearing Traditional Attire Coming to the Polling Station

People in Bali enthusiastically visited every polling station (TPS) by wearing traditional attire when voted in the 2014 Legislative Election. “The goal of wearing traditional attire is expected that people to be more calm when voting and avoiding violence,” said Chairman of the Voting Organizing Group (KPPS) TPS 8 Banjar Kangin, Panjer Customary Village, Nyoman […]