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Bali Island is known for its quality of life. Its tropical weather, the beautiful landscapes (rice fields, volcanos, sea shore), the cheap prices attract a lot of people every year. Investors from different nationality are building business and villas in Bali. This flourishing market attracts more and more business. Few years ago, they weren’t a […]

Villa Rental Duration

Those last few years, the villa market has expended a lot. More are more people are investing in Bali and building its own villa. It takes a short time to get profit Bali. The rentals, even if they are cheaper than in other destinations, remain an important budget. To spend your holidays in an affordable […]

Last Minute Rentals

Many years ago, French people were used to organize their holiday in advance. At least 2 months before, everything was planned and organized. Accommodation booked and days off asked to the company. Nowadays, people are more and more taking last minute holiday. There are important disparities between European people. While Germanic countries are leaving more […]

Muslim Holiday

Bali is the only Indonesian island with a Hindu majority. Due to the increasing tourism, Bali Island got developed fast. Numerous foreigner invested in Indonesia 10 to 5 years ago opening a lot of business and building new villas. A lot of small farmers stopped their farming activity (mostly rice production) in order to work […]

Bali Volcanos

Nowadays, there are still some active volcanos in the world such as the famous Mount Fudji in Japan or Piton de la fournaise in La RĂ©union. It is always impressive to see them and to understand how it work. A volcano range is still active in Bali. It is composed by the highest Mount in […]

The Bukit Area

The Bukit Peninsula is connected to Kuta through Jimbaran by the busy Jalan Bypass Nusa Dua, this is the only route in. This area is composed by Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Nusa dua. Nusa dua have been built those last few years and attract a lot of tourist due to its villas, 5 star hotels and resorts, […]

Seminyak or Canggu?

Are you already planning your next holidays in Bali and still hesitating between the famous Seminyak and the traditional Canggu? I hope I will help you to make your choice. First of all, let locate them. Kuta is the central place of Bali tourist due to its numerous bars, night-club, shops, and restaurants offering different […]

Natural Bali Wealth

Sun, traditions, exotic cocktails… Bali Island attracts millions of tourist each year. Once in your life you should experience it. The weather in Bali is ideal from July until September due to the dry season (sunny days and not so much rain). Bali is wealth of numerous natural resources. Trekking there is more than a […]