Forecasts for week beginning Saturday April 25, 2015.

By Jonathan Cainer Some people are worried about the long-term future. As individuals, they wonder, ‘Where is the world going next? Does it really have a place for me in it?’ When we come up for air, we see that we are surrounded by folk with similar concerns. Some turn their uncertainties into objections. They […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday April 18, 2015.

By Jonathan Cainer The week begins with a New Moon in Aries and ends with a sharp alignment from the Sun to Saturn. In between there is a conjunction of Mercury and Mars, plus a helpful angle between Venus and Jupiter. Oh, and let’s not forget this week’s useful aspect between Mars and Pluto. Many […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday April, 2015.

By Jonathan Cainer Venus and Mercury both change signs soon, as Pluto prepares to commence a retrograde phase which continues till late September. These first two developments symbolise nothing more than the regular process of ongoing celestial evolution and imply no great harm to anyone. Nor can Pluto’s new direction be considered an inauspicious omen, […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday April 4, 2015.

By Jonathan Cainer We are all aware of what is supposed to happen whenever Mercury is retrograde. Regular readers will know that I dispute some of those assertions. It is not that communications are impeded, it is simply that understandings become more profound. Mercury (you will be pleased to hear) is not retrograde this week. […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday March 28, 2015.

By Jonathan Cainer Mars enters Taurus in April, causing the cosmic drumbeat to start playing out a different rhythm. We all march to this and we will all soon notice a more steady, stable, pattern. It is as if the heavens are encouraging us all to show greater commitment to the issues and principles that […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday March 21, 2015.

By Jonathan Cainer We had the civil New Year on January 1. Chinese New Year began last month, on the 18th. Now, it’s the Equinox and the Sun is entering Aries. So, it is astrological New Year! Nobody need worry about all these different occasions causing a devaluation of the ‘new year currency’. In a […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday March 14, 2015.

By Jonathan Cainer A spectacular solar eclipse is visible for some on Friday. It is not necessary to witness such a celestial spectacle to benefit from it. We will all, soon, experience a moment of revelation as scales fall from our eyes and veils are raised in our subconscious minds, enabling us to understand situations […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday March 7, 2015.

By Jonathan Cainer We’re fast approaching the last in a series of seven ‘squares’ between Uranus and Pluto. These slow heavenly bodies have been roughly at right angles since 2008. They first reached an exact alignment of 90 degrees in June 2012. Since then, they have drifted in and out of line. The shape culminates […]