AG offers apology for lack of precise information about executions

Jakarta – Indonesias attorney general HM Prasetyo has offered an apology for the lack of transparency when it came to information he gave regarding the execution of four death row drug convicts early Friday morning. “I am sorry I gave an impression of closing access to information because I wished to assure smooth and orderly […]

Indonesia the most favorite destination for Australian tourists

  Jakarta – Indonesia has so far proven to be the most favorite destination for Australian tourists, overtaking New Zealand, Indonesian Ambassador to Australia Nadjib Riphat Kesoema said. “The variety of natural wealth and beauty, culture and world-class tourist facilities that the Indonesian government offers to tourists have become special attractions for Australian tourists,” he […]

Heightening Ngurah Rai Airport Security

Jakarta – The security at the Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai International Airport in the Indonesian island resort of Bali will continue to be at a high level, although the 2016 Lebaran holiday season has ended. Even after the Lebaran transport period is over, the Ministry of Transportation asked the Nguran Rai Airport management and the relevant […]

Fire Hits 15 Hectares of Slopes of Mount Agung

AMLAPURA ~ About 15 hectares of forest on the slopes of Mount Agung, Bali’s highest mountain which is located around forest area of Abang Mountain, Karangasem regency was on fire. “The fire happened since Saturday (1/11) has not yet been successfully solved due to its location which is in the top of the mountain,” said […]

Bali Province Allocates Rp9 Billion to Eradicate Rabies

DENPASAR ~ The Bali administration allocated an average of Rp9 Billion every year to finance rabies eradication program in the province, Chief of the Bali Health Office Ketut Suarjaya said on Sunday. “The amount of money is used to buy vaccines and finance other activities related to our effort to eradicate rabies in Bali,” said […]

Garbage in Jembrana Reaches Seven Tons in Every Day

NEGARA ~ The volume of trash in Jembrana reaches seven tons each day and continues to grow in an average of 0.68 percent each year. “A breakthrough should be done to overcome the waste volume. It is not enough just to provide a landfill, but public awareness must be built to utilize waste,” said the […]

Bali Provincial Minimum Wage Defined Rp1.621.172

DENPASAR ~ Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) of Bali in 2015 has been set at Rp1.621.172 based on the study refers to number of indicators as well as the principle of mutual benefit. “The UMP has been adjusted, even bigger than the average of living needs in 2014 which is Rp1.524.872,” said the Head of Bali […]

Bali’s Economy Slows Down

DENPASAR ~ The Balinese economy in the third quarter of 2014 grew at a slower pace than in the previous quarter, contracting 0.03 point to 2.78 percent. “The third-quarter growth was fueled by all sectors, with the service sector recording the highest growth of 8.05 percent,” chief of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) office in […]