31,5 Hectares of Unproductive Land is Planted with Bamboo

KINTAMANI On a 31,5 hectare unproductive land at Songan village, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, bamboo are planted to support the local community economy as well as preserve ecology on the island. “The plantation of bamboo seeds on 31,5 hectare land at the village is for six years,” said I Made Gunarta as the pioneer of Bali […]

Songan Supply Farming Products to Other Regions

DENPASAR Farming products of Songan Village, Bangli Regency, are only used a little to supply demand in Bali because more are sent to other regions. “The farming products here are mostly to supply Java and Lombok island,” said Nengah Mandiasa the Chief of Alengkong area, Songan-B Village. The number of farming products is quite abundant […]

LPA Investigates Child Marriage

DENPASAR Child Protection Organization (LPA) Bali investigated child marriage case in Jehem village, Bangli regency. “The case happens to an elementary school student, NWJ (13), who is now in grade six. We immediately send our team to investigate this case including its chronological order,” Head of LPA Bali Ni Nyoman Masni said. She tried to […]

Bangli Puts Tourist Charge Up By 200%

BANGLI Bangli regency had slapped a more than 200-percent increase on its tourism contribution fee charged to visitors to the area’s tourist attractions, which include Kintamani and Lake Batur. The charge has gone up — unannounced — from Rp3,300 (36 US cents) to Rp10,000 ($1.10) per visitor. Some local tourism industry members have complained both […]