Big Cleanup: A massive effort was underway this week, as evidenced in this photograph taken at Kuta Beach on Tuesday, to clean up Bali’s beaches and other tourist areas after a highly critical article by Time magazine branded Bali a “holiday in hell” due to great piles of rubbish strewn around prime areas. Photograph by […]

Traders Face Push-Off Order at Nusa Dua Beach

NUSA DUA More than 150 traders, mostly Balinese, who operate at one on Nusa Dua’s last remaining “public beaches” fear that a Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) development deal will deny them access to their business location and put an end to their livelihoods. The traders, who set up daily on a limited stretch of […]

Cleanup: A worker rakes rubbish washed up by stormy weather on Seminyak Beach in Kuta. Heavy rains caused by the cyclical La Nina phenomenon continue to affect Bali, which this year did not have its annual dry season. (Photo: The Bali Times)

Beach Tragedy Kills Wife of Former Gianyar Regent

GIANYAR Former Gianyar regent Anak Agung Bharata survived four hours in the sea off a Klungkung beach from which he and his wife were swept when they tried to ford a fast-flowing estuary — but his wife, Nanik Mirna Bharata, died in the weekend accident. Bharata, 61, regent from 2003-2008, and his wife, 57, were […]

Dozens of Kuta ‘Beach Cowboys’ Rounded Up

KUTA Authorities at Bali’s famous Kuta Beach have rounded up and detained 28 “beach boys” accused of selling sex to female tourists after a documentary on the island’s “gigolos” was posted on the internet. “We’ve rounded up 28 men we suspect might be gigolos. They’re young, fit-looking and bronzed, mostly surfer beach boys,” I Gusti […]