Screening at Aston Denpasar for Cancer Patients

Ticket sales of a movie entitled “Cita-Citaku Setinggi Tanah” (My Dream is as High as a Land)) in Denpasar on Sunday were donated for cancer patients. The screening at meeting hall of Aston Denpasar Hotel was attended by approximately 600 people from children to adults. Rike Liwan as the Public Relation Manager Aston Denpasar Hotel […]

Cancer Gene Mutation Linked to Earlier Menopause

Women carrying BRCA mutations tied to breast and ovarian cancer may hit menopause a few years earlier than other women, according to a new study. Doctors already discuss with those women whether they want immediate surgery to remove their ovaries and breasts, or if they want to start a family first and hold off on […]

Major Breast Cancer Drug Trial Disappoints

A major trial that aimed to see if a common bone-strengthening drug could help prevent recurrences of breast cancer found it did not benefit most patients. The five-year study, known as the AZURE trial, followed 3,360 women with advanced breast cancer who had already undergone surgery. The study randomly assigned some to take the osteoporosis […]

Aspirin Sharply Reduces Cancer Risk: Study

A small, daily dose of aspirin significantly diminishes the risk of death from a wide range of cancers, according to a landmark study. Earlier work by the same team of scientists showed that the century-old remedy for aches and pains, long a staple of family pharmacies, can help ward off colon cancer. The new study, […]