Police Revved Up over Bike Thefts

KUTA Police have warned that a motorbike theft ring is targeting parked bikes in the Kuta-Legian-Seminyak area with the theft of six on Monday and Tuesday this week. The thieves apparently want only bikes with automatic transmissions. Five bikes were stolen on Monday, including one rented by a New Zealand tourist named by police as […]

Spot-a-Homosexual Sketch Leads Police to Shop Bandit

NUSA DUA    A man who allegedly robbed a minimarket in Jl Uluwatu, Jimbaran, has been caught by South Kuta Police after a sketch was drawn of his likeness by witnesses and they said he looked as if he was a homosexual. The man, Suheri, 33, from Medan in North Sumatra, was arrested in Jl Uluwatu […]

Dutch Weekenders Robbed in Violent Break-In

AMLAPURA Karangasem Police have made sketches of the likenesses of two men who broke into a villa at Jasri, near Amlapura, and stole property from two Dutch consulate employees who were staying there. Louise Renana, 40, and her male friend Luigi (Leo) Angelo, 44, were at the rented villa over the weekend when two armed […]

Bali Holiday Romance With a Sting

NUSA DUA A 37-year-old Japanese woman who befriended a 28-year-old East Java man and had a five-month relationship with him from March to July this year ended up paying a high price for her holiday romance. The story came to light last week when South Kuta Police released details of a robbery at Nusa Dua […]

Serial Child Rapist Jailed for 20 Years

DENPASAR An East Java man has been sentenced to 20 years’ jail for a series of rapes of children in Bali earlier this year that shocked the island. Mochammad Suharto, 30, was found guilty by the Denpasar District Court on Wednesday of having raped five underage girls. Ancillary charges included kidnapping and abuse for which […]

Manslaughter Brazilian Gets Three Months’ Jail

DENPASAR A teenage Brazilian whose car crashed into a motorbike, killing its female rider, has been sentenced to three months in prison. The Denpasar District Court said in a verdict on Monday that Lucas Silva, 19, was guilty of causing the death of Ni Wayan Sendi Tamara when his car drove into her motorbike on […]

Mystery Slasher Slays Seashell Man

KUTA The slashing murder of an art-shop owner at the door of his Bypass Ngurah Rai premises at Kuta has police mystified. The shop owner, Heri, also known as Hartoyo, 38, had answered a knock at the door. An unknown assailant slashed his neck. He was found by his wife shortly afterwards, lying in a […]

Police on Trail of Charmer Anna After Kuta ‘Hypnotist’ Scam

DENPASAR Police are hot on the trail of one of Kuta’s notorious “hypnotists,” known as Anna Maria, and sought following a street pick-up scam played on Swiss tourist Elmar Foehr, 69. The case, which came to light in mid-September, was the incident that prompted Bali Police chief Hadiatmoko to threaten two senior officers with the […]