Feng Shui and Property Numbers

By S.BS. Surendran Door numbers and building numbers are considered to play a significant role in the quality of Chi energy swirling around the premises and your home. Numbers are an integral part of Feng Shui, with each direction having its own corresponding digit. They have a significance in terms of energy and vitality of […]

Feng Shui Synergy for Prosperity

By S.BS. Surendran To gain wealth and prosperity, the Feng Shui advises a right attitude and the supportive condition in terms of energy movement. When flow of chi in your home or workplace is blocked by obstacles it hinders prosperity and growth. Removing obstacles and freeing energy is a process of adapting Feng Shui. If […]

Feng Shui Dimensions for Prosperity

By S.BS. Surendran Dimensions, ratios and measurements play a key role in activating the good Vaastu or Fengshui of any building or plot. The school of Vaastu and Fengshui rely more on dimensions which confirm to what is referred to as “golden ratio”. The master builders of the past understood the value and significance of […]

Feng Shui Luck for Selling Property

By S.BS. Surendran The main principle of Feng Shui is Chi (pronounced “chee”), the life force pervading everything. Chinese Medicine describes the flow of Chi along the meridians within the body; FENG SHUI depicts the flow of Chi in the outside world; in a landscape, a house or an office. The flow of Chi is […]

Feng Shui and Earth Chi

By S.BS. Surendran An easy and simple approach to enhance the quality of energy movement in your home or office is to strengthen the “earth Chi”. This was considered quite important from the early days and is synonymous with the tenets of Good Feng shui. The Chi energy flows not only throughout our planet, but […]

Fengshui and Harmony Through Smell

By S.BS. Surendran The way that a house is placed on a piece of land can pre-determine to a large extent the luck of the occupant’s and the possible manifestations. The key to good Feng Shui is awareness, and mindful observation of each area of an environment. This will reveal both its weaknesses and its […]

Fengshui Adjustments

By S.BS. Surendran Feng Shui is an ancient Oriental belief which speaks energy forces called ‘chi’ OR UNIVERSAL ENERGY  and these forces are present everywhere, even inside our bodies. According to Feng Shui fundamentals a person can help direct these forces to bring good luck, prosperity, happiness, and more. According to Feng Shui philosophy, chi […]

Feng Shui and Essentials of Designing

By S.BS. Surendran Based on influencing the flow of chi or energy through your home and other aspects of your environment, Feng Shui principles align energy patterns with healing forces of nature. The result is a harmonious home that lays the foundation for emotional, spiritual, and physical health. In the practice of Feng Shui, your […]