Bali Police Arrest 95 Illegal Immigrants

DENPASAR The Bali police have arrested at least 95 illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern countries in Badung Strait about a mile from the Benoa Port in Denpasar. “Our patrol officers saw a suspicious boat, so they stopped it and checked the passengers one by one,” Bali provincial police spokesman Comr. Hariadi said in Denpasar. According […]

Immigration Office Deports 12 Illegal Chinese Workers

SINGARAJA Indonesian Immigration Office of Singaraja, Bali has deported 12 illegal Chinese workers who work as technicians at the steam power plant, Celukan Bawang in Buleleng, Bali. “We deport those 12 Chinese migrant workers since they don’t have work license from the Manpower affairs Ministry or related authorities,” said Head of Immigration Office of Singaraja […]

Catching Illegal Workers Too Hard, Says Immigration Chief

DENPASAR The head of the Denpasar immigration office says catching foreigners working illegally on the island is a problem — because unless officials can find them actually at work it’s hard to prove they are violating labour laws. “We have to admit the difficulty of overcoming the problem of foreigners using tourist visas for employment […]

‘Citizen’ Scam Fails: Man Can’t Speak Indonesian

DENPASAR A Taiwanese businessman has been detained by immigration over an alleged identity scam discovered when he presented documents including passports and ID cards purporting to be national Indonesian documents. Tung Chen, 32, was held when it became obvious to immigration officers examining his documents that he did not speak Indonesian. “We have named him […]

Twenty-Two Afghans Escape Jimbaran Detention

JIMBARAN Immigration officials were left red-faced and thrown into panic after 22 refugees from Afghanistan managed to escape a new detention facility at Jimbaran. The illegal immigrants fled their holding cells on October 18 by breaking through a glass window and leaping over a low fence that was not secured with barbed wire, the centre’s […]