Coloring “Competition”

By David D’Amato CNN reports on the controversy surrounding discovery of horsemeat in beef products in the United Kingdom, France and Sweden: “UK food businesses have been ordered to test all processed beef products for ‘authenticity’ and report back to the authorities by Friday.” Calls for more stringent regulatory structures are already proliferating in Europe […]

Fresh Impetus Required in Muslim-Western Relations

By Sara Reef The vast majority of individuals in both Muslim-majority and Western countries surveyed in a recent poll believe greater interaction between them would be a benefit rather than a threat. An average of 59 percent of people across 48 countries says it’s advantageous. These findings are part of a new report, Measuring the […]

Season for Jews, Christians and Muslims to Look Back at 2010

By Prince El Hassan bin Talal At the time of Idul Adha, which marks the end of the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca; Hanukkah, when Jews commemorate the dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem; and Christmas, when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, we look back, yet again, on a year “that could have been.” […]

Sidelining Christians in Arab World Will Be Our Downfall

By Hasni Abidi Should we be concerned about the fate of Christian communities in the Arab world? This issue hits the headlines time and again whenever a church is attacked in Iraq or Egyptian Copts are bullied. Most recently an appeal by a group of Arab intellectuals to rise above sectarian divisions was published in […]