Geothermal Gets a Bad Rap in Tabanan

TABANAN Tabanan district legislators have backed the provincial government’s ban on geothermal power at Bedugul, saying it would break religious taboos by drilling into sacred earth, posed a risk of environmental damage and could threaten disaster if something went wrong. I Ketut Loka Antara, a Golkar legislator from West Selemadeg, has told the legislature his […]

Bali Gets Towering $240m to Solve Power Woes

DENPASAR The months-long series of electricity blackouts that struck Bali multiple times daily from October last year into January may be a thing of the past as state power firm PLN gears up to provide a new — if novel — solution for the voltage-deficient island. Recently installed PLN chief Dahlan Iskan, a dynamic private-sector […]

Bedugul Stays Off-Limits as Geothermal Power Site

DENPASAR Governor I Made Mangku Pastika has repeated that no geothermal power plant can be built at Bedugul — where Lake Beratan hosts a lucrative parasailing tourist attraction among other environmentally disturbing non-traditional uses of the area — because religious beliefs make it impossible. “We remain committed to maintain the earlier refusal,” he told reporters. […]

Residents Raise a Racket Over PLN’S ‘Save Bali’ Plan

DENPASAR The Bali Times PLN’S move to offset its chronic undersupply of electricity to Bali by using two new diesel generators to be built by its subsidiary Indonesia Power at Pesanggaran between Kuta and Sanur has come under fire from local residents. They say the first of the units makes too much noise and keeps […]

Indonesia to Tout Volcano Power at Bali Geothermal Conference

DENPASAR Indonesia has launched an ambitious plan to tap the vast power of its volcanoes and become a world leader in geothermal energy, while trimming greenhouse gas emissions. The sprawling archipelago of 17,000 islands stretching from the Indian to the Pacific Oceans contains hundreds of volcanoes, estimated to hold around 40 percent of the world’s […]