A resident of Banjar Buana Indah vaccinated his dog during the implementation of mass vaccination by govt of Bali last Tuesday. Photo by Juliyus/The Bali Times.

Bali Govt Receives WHO Award for Fight Against Rabies

DENPASAR Bali Administrative Government receives an award from the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for its success in significantly decreasing the number of rabies cases in man and animal. “Bali has been able to decrease rabies cases significantly which is something that never happens in the world […]

42.000 Dogs are Targetted to be Vaccinated

GIANYAR The government of Gianyar regency, Bali, targeted vaccination to at least forty two thousand dogs for this year to prevent the spread of rabies virus. “Beside we also eliminate selectively dogs that have potential to be contaminated by rabies,” said the Head of Husbandry, Fishery and Maritime Affairs Department Gianyar Regency Made Putra Amarta. […]

Bali Hard to Free from Rabies

DENPASAR Bali Province still face difficulty to free from rabies as a result from the infectors and humans mobility in Bali are very high. “Now Bali is facing difficulty to be free from rabies because there is disease resulted from dogs’ bite,” member of Bali Parliament Commission II Nyoman Sugawa Korry stated in Denpasar. According […]

Teachers Get Front-Line Anti-Rabies Role

DENPASAR Teachers have been recruited as the latest weapon in the fight against rabies, in a further bid to get to grips with the deadly outbreak that has killed at least 105 Balinese since it broke out undetected on the Bukit in South Bali in 2008. The official toll counts only people confirmed to have […]

Education Focus as Rabies Deaths Likely to Rise

DENPASAR Bali’s government has announced it will focus on community education to battle the extended rabies outbreak on the island, which has now killed 105 Balinese. At a recent meeting with Balinese officials, deputy agriculture minister Bayu Krisnamurthi said increasing public awareness and knowledge about rabies and caring for pets would be crucial in the […]

Dog Rampage Sparks Panic

AMLAPURA Panic erupted in the Karangasem village of Pemuteran, Rendang, when a dog suddenly became vicious and chased and bit three people. Because the area is suspected of being rabies-infected the dog-bite victims, two men and a woman, were rushed to Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar because there is no free anti-rabies vaccine in Karangasem, only […]

Editorial: As Balinese Die, Chaos Lives

Following an announcement by the health authorities that 101 people — all Balinese — had now died of rabies in the past two years, news was uncovered by The Bali Times that in the past three weeks (since World Rabies Day on September 28) some sort of miracle vaccination of the hundreds of thousands of […]