Bali Gov Highlights Potential Disaster in Buleleng

SINGARAJA ~ Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika highlighted the potential threat of disaster in Buleleng Regency so it is necessary to mitigate structurally and non-structurally to reduce the impact of disasters in the northern part of Bali Island. “Experts’ study and the empirical data shows that Buleleng have complex threats. All disasters often occurred in […]

Editorial: A Bilateral Irritant

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard met her commitment to the Schapelle lobby on her visit to Indonesia last week, her first as leader of her country, by making the same representations on Corby’s behalf that have consistently been made by Australian representatives since Kerobokan’s most high-profile inmate decided to seek clemency from President Susilo Bambang […]

BT Editorial: Let’s Just Move On

Another year has passed since suicide bombers blew up two clubs in Legian, killing 202 people, and this time around the news headlines were less about the eighth anniversary than stalled plans to construct a peace park on the site of one of the nightspots. The Peace Park Association, based in Australia, which with 88 […]

EDITORIAL: On an Island of Plenty, Nothing to Live For

The sad reality of Bali is that as its economy grows ever more robust, generated by record rising numbers of people holidaying here, soaring numbers of Balinese are killing themselves because they cannot afford to live. Organisations working on the ground have said a staggering 275-percent surge in suicides so far this year has seen […]

EDITORIAL: Melting into Madness

It took a man and his wife two and a half hours to get through airport immigration and customs. He described it to this newspaper as “the most arrogant and understaffed service of any airport I had the misfortune to be processed through.” He said it was the worst in the world, and “My wife […]


It is not unique to Indonesian politics that they can often degenerate into a self-serving affair, benefiting the officeholder far more than the people he or she was elected to serve. Rare are the few — worldwide — whose ego and lust for power does not overtake them so that they come to view the […]