Activists Remind Elected Governor to Save the Environment

KUTA Many environmental activists from WALHI, Greenpeace Indonesia, and Wisnu Foundation remind the elected governor in elections to create policies that help to save the environment. “Biodiversity of Indonesia and Bali in particular if it is not maintained will be very easily destroyed. Similarly, our environment should be maintained as a vanguard for Indonesia,” said […]

Information Commission Fulfill Walhi’s Request

DENPASAR Information Commission of Bali Province fulfills half request from Indonesian Environment Forum (Walhi) to get information on how the management license for Ngurah Rai Public Forest Park is issued by the Governor Made Mangku Pastika. “The defendant must give eight documents asked by the applicants,” said the Head of Judges Panel Information Commission Bali […]

Walhi Felt They have been Hocussed by Bali Governor

DENPASAR Indonesia Forum of Environments (Walhi) felt that they have been hocussed by Bali Governor Bali Made Mangku Pastika related to their information on Ngurah Rai Public Forest Park management, which is in the process of mediation in the Public Information Commission. “We see that the Governor has denied his promise and hocus us because […]

Environmental Activist Assaulted by Unidentified Men

DENPASAR Two unidentified men assaulted the outspoken environmental activist and Bali chapter chairman of the Indonesia Forum for the Environment (Walhi), Wayan “Gendo” Suardana. The violent attack left Gendo with cuts and bruises. The attack took place in Wihartono and Partners’ office at Jl. Hasanudin 79 in downtown Denpasar. Gendo is a member of the […]