Forecasts for week beginning Saturday, August 3, 2013.

By Jonathan Cainer Dear Reader, I am currently taking a break so I have entrusted my nephew, Oscar Cainer, with the task of finding and identifying the forecast that is right for you today with reference to the library of predictions that I have compiled over the past 30 years. Oscar has long impressed me […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday, July 27, 2013.

By Jonathan Cainer The recent Harmonic Convergence remains powerful. This special pattern of aspects involves slow-moving planets. They took some time to move into position and are now taking more time to drift apart. While Saturn and Neptune, plus Jupiter and Mars, stay in the shape of an equilateral triangle or grand trine, three more […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday, July 13, 2013.

By Jonathan Cainer This week brings Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn into alignments of 120 degrees. Astrologers call these angles ‘trines’ and we expect them to produce a climate of inspiration and creativity. Because the three planets all link with each other now, the trines effectively form what looks, from earth, like a great equilateral triangle… […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday, July 6, 2013.

By Jonathan Cainer We enter this week under the combined influence of the Dark of the Moon and a stationary Saturn. That’s intense, especially if you’re a sensitive soul. The cosmic climate is now seemingly more favourable to those with strong defence mechanisms and fierce personalities. But even if the meek and mild are being […]

Forecasts for week beginning June 22, 2013.

By Jonathan Cainer This week brings a rare Supermoon Solstice. The Moon’s complicated orbit means it can be nearer to (or further from) us by up to 30,000 miles. When it is at Perigee (closest to the Earth) it can appear up to 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter. Some people link […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday, June 15, 2013.

By Jonathan Cainer Earlier this month, if you looked where the Sun had just set, you’d have seen Jupiter glowing on the horizon with Venus above it. Venus is still shining at sunset but now Jupiter has moved so much closer to the Sun that you can’t see it any more by day or night. […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday, June 8, 2013.

By Jonathan Cainer Look north-west just after sunset any evening this week. You’ll see Venus blazing brightly, briefly, before she follows the Sun below the horizon. Over in the South, you can see Saturn which is due to stay visible for much more of the night. If you’ve ever heard astrologers talking about a ‘trine’ […]

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday, June 1, 2013.

By Jonathan Cainer If you listen carefully, you can almost hear the drum roll! Jupiter, towards the end of June, moves from Gemini to Cancer. That marks a big turning point, not just for people born under these signs or even for Pisceans and Sagittarians (the two signs ruled by Jupiter) but for us all. […]