American Arrested at Beach over Drug

American Arrested at Beach over Drug


An American man living in the southernmost Bukit area of Bali has been arrested for drug possession, Bali Police said on Friday.

Joseph Malone, 61, from California, was apprehended at the popular surfing Padang Padang Beach on Thursday by officers who found 9.1 grams of hashish on him, police spokesman Gede Sugianyar told reporters.

The longtime Bali resident owns two houses on the island, Sugianyar said, adding that the arrest came after a tip-off from security officials in the area.

“As well as having the drug, he also could not show the authorities that he had permission to have it,” he said.

Under Indonesia’s harsh anti-drugs laws, Malone could face up to four years in prison if found guilty.


  1. Grosero says:

    wait a minute….

    Something smells of weed here.

    The other day a guy was facing 12 years for less then a gram, yet Mr.Local surfer dude is looking at 4 years for 9.1 grams of hashish.

    You get caught with anything in the DR and your going down hard. Good Ole Uncle Sam and his BS…

  2. Steve says:

    Different countries have different laws.

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