Australian Arrested on Arrival in Bali Allegedly With Drugs

Australian Arrested on Arrival in Bali Allegedly With Drugs


A 43-year-old Australian was arrested by customs officials at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport on Friday after he arrived on a flight from Bangkok, Thailand, evidently carrying 1.7 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, officials said.

The man, identified as Michael Sacatides, caught the attention of customs officers after an x-ray scan of his luggage revealed suspicious packages, Bagus Endro, a customs official, told reporters.

“We suspected him as he walked through the x-ray machine. The officers checked his luggage and found four plastic bags of methamphetamine,” he said, adding that Sacatides said he obtained the drug, known locally as shabu-shabu, from an Indian man in Bangkok.

Under Indonesia’s harsh drugs laws, Sacatides could face the death penalty if found guilty of attempting to smuggle a class A drug into the country.

The suspect, who arrived on an AirAsia flight from the Thai capital, where he reportedly worked as a kick-boxing instructor, was being interrogated at the airport before being handed over to Bali Police.

It is understood that Australian consular officials in Bali, including acting consul-general Brent Hall, have been alerted and will be providing assistance to the man.

Seven Australians — including high-profile prisoner Schapelle Corby — are serving sentences in Bali for drugs offences, ranging from 20 years to life, and other three are on death row and in the process of final appeals.

A New Zealand-born Australian resident in Bali, Angus McCaskill, was arrested in July allegedly in possession of 3.58 grams of cocaine and is awaiting trial.


  1. joker says:

    if these people are guilty, they should receive punishment under indonesian law,but should be proven guilty 100% .all tests,then if your guilty suffer the consequences…BUT,,,, google..christopher purnell…not fair

  2. joker says:

    sorry christopher parnell

  3. Kay Danes says:

    On the news this latest Australian arrested in Bali swore he didn’t know what was in the bag. Says he borrowed it….

    Mr Sacatides, who was filmed being questioned, denied the drugs were his. “I don’t have a bag . . . I just borrowed a bag to put some clothes in,” he said.

    Unfortunately, this is not a legal defence that will stand up in any court. If it were, then every drug mule in the world would be using it.

    Travel safe folks. Get your bags wrapped in plastic wrap… and petition the airlines that they move their check-in xray machines to the actual check-in point… so that if something’s in your bag, it gets detected straight up… and if your bag is clear… then you can use that as evidence in court in the event you wind up there.

  4. steve says:

    its funny how now there is no guilty people getting caught anymore going in and out of bali with drugs, they are all innocent and australian!!, strange how only african and asian people are sitting on death row and doing life are guilty of their crimes,

  5. john says:

    This problem will never go away; young, naieve people hoping to make a fast buck will always fall prey to this idiotic practice

  6. troy says:

    Money, Money, Money stupid greedy people trying to make a quick dollar and thinking there is no law. What was going through that pea brain of yours Michael Sacatides? Ah yeah there looks like an Indian with a bag for me to borrow, Lets borrow it for a trip to Bali. Oh no it’s got 1.7kg of Ice, Why does that happen to me? Shit mate you are a fool just like all those other drug runners, life or death its up to the Balinese, Yet another bit of bad news for the beautiful island of the gods Bali. I hope someday people who go to Bali will appreciate it for everything it has to offer, it only takes someone like this Michael to detract from the real Bali. Bring back the Bali of 1989, All the fools go to some other island and leave Bali alone

  7. steve says:

    yep should be death row for stupidity alone,the poor we thing.

  8. Jonno says:

    I was shocked to hear this news. I went to school with Michael. He was of good character and never bothered anyone.

    I pray he has been setup and this can be proved.

    But I expect the worst.

  9. steve says:

    yea i was an angel at school too,i must remember that next time im in front of a indo judge i may get a mil off the asking price,

  10. steve says:

    yea every time a australian gets caught they are innocent is anyone listening to me?,as they got away wlth it before its risk some consider take again, gone are the days you can take anythinng in and out of dps,but i can still get in the odd roast or vinager and treacle and spices i cant get in dps,gone are the days you walk straight through, they are all oz trained at the x ray machines , my balinese wife and family and for that matter i havent come across any local that sheds a tear for these wankers.

  11. warga bali says:

    when is these ideot gana learn .

  12. Orpheus Perera says:

    Strange thing about drug mules is that they never learn. Why do people keep on trying to smuggle drugs? DO they think that they can do it although the guys before him faced death penalty? Are they scared of the dealers or like to face the firing and end their lives?
    It could be because their families are at risk, if they give the names of the others(dealers). I think the police(customs) should pretend they that they don’t detect the drugs and then follow the mule and catch everybody from the mule to the final recipient of the cargo. Stupid mules get caught, but the sharks continue doing their business.

  13. jodie says:

    Yep I was there in 1987 as an 18 year old and I knew back then the consequences about drug smuggling.
    Why on earth would you borrow a bag from some unknown person when you can buy a bag for cheap in thailand?

  14. Orpheus Perera says:

    Drug smuggling takes place everyday all over the world. One government or police force cannot stop it. Police, customs and the navel forces should coordinate to irradiate these drug menace that destroys many young lives and families. Death penalty is a reasonable punishment for drug dealers because they destroy thousands of young lives while they enjoy their rich lives. There should be a good international network to capture the dealers. If the country does not have death penalty due to religious reasons, they should confiscate all the wealth of the dealers and give them life long rigorous imprisonment.
    Unfortunately at the moment only the mules get caught .

  15. Vin says:

    Drug dealers are scum. Hang them all. Stop pussy footing around with them. Follow the example of asian countries.

  16. Rev says:

    I agree with Kay VERY valid point. Lets get the bags checked in before departure.

    Let God be the judge and not the humans of 3rd world countries who lack of faith results in the temptation to “plant” drugs on innocent victims.

    Are Guns not more lethal and immediate weapons than drugs? can you flush a gun down a toilet?

    Lets pray for peace and justice on earth as it is in heaven.

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