Australian Dies in Kuta Crash

Australian Dies in Kuta Crash


A young West Australian man is dead after an apparent motorbike accident in the Kuta tourist district on Thursday night.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs says the man, 20 , was from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia’s largest inland city.

The Australian consulate-general in Bali is providing assistance to the man’s friends and his family in Australia has been notified of his death.

Motorbike accidents claim dozens of Indonesians’ and foreigners’ lives on Bali’s roads each year.


  1. Bob Flemming says:

    Dozens. Understatement of the years award winner – and it’s only January.

  2. Bob Flemming says:

    Dozens. Understatement of the year award winner – and it’s only January.

  3. antoinette gruno says:

    from recent experience that being hit by a young drunk russian on a motor bike in kuta leaving me with a dislocated knee and ligament damage which 5 1/2 months later I am still not fully recovered the cost has been huge not only in monetary terms but the ability to carry on with my daily life… my point is that there are no regulations anyone visiting bali can rent a motor bike without a licence insurance or experience and then take it and use it like a game from play station without any responsibility drunk or sober,, but like so many things in bali its the income that is the main focus and concequences are an after thought but again the balinese also pay the cost that being the danger that forigners riding motor cycles pose not only to them but to everyone.In my case some young russian is going about his business actually not aware that he shattered another persons world. Regards

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