Australian Woman Hurt in Home Break-In

Australian Woman Hurt in Home Break-In


An Australian woman is the latest victim of Bali’s rash of violent break-ins.

Rae Westbury, 48, was asleep in her rented house on Jl Bumi Ayu at Sanur on Tuesday morning when an intruder broke in and disturbed her. When she screamed he attacked her with a knife and bashed her with a piece of wood.

Neighbours who heard the commotion chased the intruder and caught him in a nearby banana grove.

Westbury has a knife wound to a hand.

Denpasar Police named the intruder as Hilmansyah, 19. Police chief Suryabodo Asmoro said: “The perpetrator ran and hid in a banana orchard next to the victim’s house. He was arrested by locals. The victim was rushed to Kasih Ibu Hospital in Denpasar.”

There have a number of violent break-ins in recent weeks involving foreigners, including attacks in Gianyar and Canggu.

In December 2009, a long-term Bali resident, Japanese woman Hiromi Shimada, 41, was robbed, raped and murdered in her rented house in Kuta.


  1. Catlin says:

    Very sad indeed and these violent home invasions on foreigners are increasing and more becoming more violent. This women was lucky her neighbors came to her rescue. I also remember a few years ago an Australian women was killed in Canggu by home invaders.

  2. warga bali says:

    It is so much crime these days in bali and they are targeting westerner, If this continue to happen it will ruin bali scurity reputations for tourism, As a balinise i am not saying balinise are perfect, Most this crime are coused by the outsider and iam so upset by it, My heart goes to this victim, I am so happy he got cougt I hope this suspect will pay for what he did .

  3. eric .g says:

    really sad i m and i know this lady because i was on hollidays in sanur all the winter
    its becoming the same like in phuket so my question is…for how long tourist will be safe in sanur?????

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