Man Jailed for Bali Murder of Japanese Woman

Man Jailed for Bali Murder of Japanese Woman


An Indonesian man was sentenced to 20 years’ jail on Monday for murdering a Japanese woman who was holidaying in Bali.

Impersonating a police officer, David Wicaksono, 26, lured Rika Sano, 33, from her hotel to a secluded area nearby, hit her in the head with a log and sexually abused her as she was dying on September 25 last year.

He then returned to her room at Kuta Beach and stole money and a phone, presiding judge Judge Dewa Made Wenten told the Denpasar District Court.

“His acts were really despicable… (and) tarnished the image of Bali as a tourist destination,” Wenten said.

Asked by reporters if he would appeal, Wicaksono said: “I’ll think about it.”

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  1. BANGSAT says:

    thats a nice open and shut case

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