Bali’s Dog Explosion Claims Another Life

Bali’s Dog Explosion Claims Another Life

The Bali Times

A Balinese woman was killed on Thursday when the motorbike she was riding struck a dog, police said.

Ni Wayan Kerni, 35, from Tampak Siring near Ubud suffered head injuries from the accident and died soon after, Gianyar Traffic Poiceman Bima Viyasa said.

The dog had been wandering among late-evening traffic, he said.

Bali’s massive dog population, estimated by the government at over half a million, has already been blamed for killing 45 people amid a current rabies outbreak that began in late 2008.

Culls of wild dogs by the authorities has so far failed to make an impact either on the rising rabies death toll or dog-related traffic accidents.

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