Brakeless Runaway Truck Kills 6, Wrecks 9 Shops

Brakeless Runaway Truck Kills 6, Wrecks 9 Shops


Six people are dead and dozens are injured, at least one critically, after a speeding truck loaded with limestone went out of control and crashed on the steep grade on Jl Raya Uluwatu near the Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park, at Bukit Jimbaran, on Wednesday.

Nine shops, two other trucks and two cars parked outside foodstalls were also destroyed in the horrific smash, which happened about 1pm during peak early afternoon school traffic hours.

The driver of one of the trucks, which was delivering ice, was killed. Two of the dead were high-school students whose motorbike was hit by another vehicle in the chaos immediately after the smash.

Police said the limestone truck driver lost control of the truck, which had been travelling northbound, down the hill. Investigators believe its brakes were inoperative.

One of the motorbikes hit in the high-speed accident was crushed underneath the truck and it and its rider dragged 50 metres in the mangled chassis. They were still trapped under the wreck hours later.

The truck driver is unaccounted for. Police believe he may have been killed in the accident.


  1. eric says:

    This is and other accident of truck in uluwatu street…truck over loaded, bad conditions..and driver pushed by owning company to drive fast and furious for win more money…until when it will happened like that? Police must do something..and check loading and truck speed..i believe parents of student bring in court truck manager of his responsibility and give an example to all of truck owner.

  2. O. says:

    I think it would be totally enough if the police would check regular the technical things of trucks. Like brakes or wheels ….
    In a serious check 50% of all trucks would fail this and would be out of order or to be repaired …
    How much accidents like this have to be happen before they do something ?????
    R.I.P. for the victims and i feel very sorry for the involved family’s !!!

  3. ? says:

    Just the usual stupidity in Bali, these guys drive way too fast in trucks that would be on the scrapheap anywhere else in the world, the brakes are never checked, the loads are too much for the vehicle, end result is innocent people die.

    Wake up Bali, Wake up the local council and get something done about this!!

  4. bali girl says:

    it is sad but maybe now that they have left it till people are killed that the government will now inspect trucks for safety. Bukit area always have trucks brakes fail going up or down the hills.

  5. Dr. D says:

    The owner of the Truck as much as the Goverment is to Blame for this Carnage ! No auto Inspection Laws especially on these Old Trucks !!!!
    The road to Uluwatu specially on Jl. GWK hill is too small big vehicle like limestones trucks etc, this is horrible for all the victims, women, kids and the innocents! R.I.P.

  6. hi my name is dave shaw says:

    well i live up near the accident site and my wife was there before the police arrived and said it looked like a bomb went off!carnage and total chaos !! we’ve seen sh@t like this before in bali but nothing like this bad with out a psycho jihaddist involved the lime stone trucks should use the back road at the intersection at balangan and ungassan jl. uluwatu and go to the east twords bali cliff and use the new back road down towards nusa dua the road is wide & not steep at all and much less travelled. the traffic on the bukit is getting crazy with the huge ammount of hotel and villas ,tourism and new trickle down booming economy arround the greater jimbaran areas. please protest against these un-safe trucks! and get them off the main roads of jimbaran !!! thanks ,dave shaw ,dreamland, & honolulu.

  7. ? says:

    It’s fairly simple: Get brakes checked and don’t overload the trucks.

    Oh and don’t employ halfwits who have never done a driving test and seem to enjoy driving like utter looneys (overtaking, excessive speed etc)

    A bit of common sense would go a long way on this beautiful island IMO.

  8. Gurkha says:

    When the Police check vehicles, they only check the papers. The Police and the owners are responsible. Shoot the owners, disband the Police and outsource law and order!

  9. ? says:

    Like I said, it’s not rocket science, follow other countries n the world – it’s all been done before!!

    The roads are the really bad point of this wonderful island, sorting them out would be a major job but so worth it!!

  10. Anarchy on the roads says:

    The poor souls who lost their lives. But with insane drivers (motorbikes, cars and trucks) in charge of vehicles with no formal training and no law enforcement to stop their stupidity, what do you expect.Driving here every day is madness. I totally blame the government . Do something, like enforce some traffic violations….WAKE UP

  11. John says:

    People should what is happening in main st of Candidasa….dozens of overlaiden trucks per hour, high speed, wrong side of road carrying sand and rock for the new higway. The fastest of all are the pertamina tankers……..the big crash or crashes are coming……..and no one cares !!!!

  12. Steve says:

    I’m an expat living in Bali and this type of thing makes me feel sick. I see a lot of people saying ‘when will it stop’ / wake up etc……how do WE (the people, regardless of race or nationality) make a stand and show the people in charge that they HAVE TO do something? In the UK there are various ways but in Indonesia, where corruption is so prominent, how do you go about making change? All suggestions posted below would be fantastic as people need to start looking for solutions now before this can happen again and it can be done if everyone comes together.

  13. Dumbass says:

    I’m a tourist to Bali. I will think twice before I book a ticket again.

    What with the 500 000 stray dogs who potentially have Rabies – lets not think about the potential for it to get into the monkeys etc.

    Then there’s the Legionnaire’s, malaria, Dengue…

    and of course the lawless motor vehicles and their drivers..

    Someone over there doesn’t give a shit about anything, and they seems to be making all the laws.
    Strangely, you smoke a joint and your done for? Mental.

  14. Expat2 says:

    @Steve: Also an expat. But I must agree with comment 12, although not eloquent, it rings true:

    “Someone over there doesn’t give a shit about anything, and they seems to be making all the laws.”

    I, for one, feel powerless, as many of my Indonesian friends do.

    My personal peeve is the rubbish littering this place, making it look like the Gods’ midden.

  15. Expat3 says:

    Well recent reports say it was not faulty brakes but human error. The drivers sandal was found stuck in the pedals. So even if the trucks were all regulated this accident sadly would still have happened.

  16. Big Bong says:

    If they were all smart we couldn’t afford to live here.

  17. ? says:

    “Well recent reports say it was not faulty brakes but human error. The drivers sandal was found stuck in the pedals. So even if the trucks were all regulated this accident sadly would still have happened.”

    Thats the lamest excuse I have ever heard!! apparently the guy jumped out by pepito’s supermarket and ran off, and they still havent found him. – He could have at least tried to ditch it!!

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