Child Tourist Dies Snorkelling

Child Tourist Dies Snorkelling


A 6-year-old Taiwanese child is dead after a snorkelling accident at Nusa Ceningan off Nusa Penida.

Victim Chai Chia Lai Ho was with around 50 friends in the water on a trip on Monday from the Grand Mirage Hotel at Nusa Dua.

Police said the child had suddenly called for help. A speedboat went to the rescue but by the time it got to the scene the child had become very weak and later fainted. The child was dead on arrival at Klungkung Hospital in Semarapura.

Benoa Water Police and Klungkung Police are investigating the circumstances of the incident at Nusa Ceningan.

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  1. me says:

    It makes me sad to see if mistakes coming to problems like this.
    Where was the snorkeling guide ? Following the international rules must be one guide for maximal 12 snorkelers in the water and one watching from boat …. was it like this ? (for childs it should be one by one)
    It is a shame to let come a child as a victim for the business !!!
    I feel so sorry for the family !!! R.i.P.

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