Dutchman Arrested on Arrival over Drugs

Dutchman Arrested on Arrival over Drugs


A Dutchman was arrested after arriving at Ngurah Rai International Airport on Tuesday over possession of illegal drugs, a customs official said.

Customs officers found marijuana and ecstasy pills in the luggage of Willem Van Straten, airport customs chief Made Wijaya told reporters.

Van Straten, 33, flew into Bali on a Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur and was carrying 12 grams of marijuana and 14 grams of ecstasy, said Wijaya.

The suspect was handed over to the drugs unit of Bali Police for interrogation, he said, adding that the narcotics had been picked up by scans at the airport.

“He hid the marijuana in clothing in his luggage,” Wijaya said, adding that ecstasy pills were found in a bathroom washbag.

“The marijuana and ecstasy were not for sale but for his use,” he said.

The suspect had been to Bali twice before and had intended to stay at a hotel in Nusa Dua with colleagues. During initial interrogation he said he had come to Bali to find work to pay for medical costs for his mother, who is ill in the Malaysian capital.

“I know these things (drugs) are forbidden in Indonesia but I didn’t bring that much,” he said.

Van Straten joins a growing number of foreigners arrested in Bali over drug possession. Three Australians are on death row on the island for attempting to smuggle heroin out of Bali.


  1. Colleen Blofield says:

    “I didn’t bring that much”, “I got the Bag from an Indian”, “I was offered a free Holiday, didn’t know I had to carry Drugs”, ” Must have been the Airport Luggage Handlers”, all these excuses, for illegal Drug smuggling into beautiful Bali.When will these People stop?? The warnings are there for every-one to see!! If you don’t want to end up in Prison, instead of being on the Beach enjoying this beautiful Island, heed the warnings and DON’T CARRY DRUGS!! No use crying after you have been caught!

  2. Kay Danes says:

    What part of ‘do not break the law’ don’t these people understand? Heed the warnings at airports and pay the extra $10 bucks to get your bag wrapped in plastic. The excuse ‘I didn’t know it was in my bag’ isn’t going to hold up in ANY court! (Even if you really DIDN’T know it was in your bag).

    There have been plenty of arrests over the last ten years for people to get wise.. learn from the cases that are made public and do whatever you can to travel safe. It isn’t rocket science.

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