Floods in Papua Kill 26

Floods in Papua Kill 26


The death toll from flash floods that smashed through a remote area of Papua has risen to 26 with many victims still missing, an official said on Tuesday.

“At least 26 people were killed. We are still searching for the missing people,” Papua search and rescue official Mochamad Arifin said.

“There are still many people to be found. There is still hope that some of them are still alive,” he said.

The floods were unleashed early on Monday after torrential downpours that began late Sunday in West Papua’s Teluk Wondama district.

Thousands of buildings including houses, schools and offices were badly damaged and bridges had collapsed, officials said on Monday, when the death toll stood at 15 and “dozens” of people were said to be missing.

Arifin said three passenger boats had been deployed in the flooded area to search for the missing people.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Press Release: The President of the Baptist churches of Papua.

    Press Release:
    The President of the Baptist churches of Papua
    is deeply concerned and condemns the violence of security forces that killed civilian Irmael Lokobal, and wounded Wetipo Amos, Frans Lokobal, Peter Asso, Arctic Wetipo and piter Asso. and arrested 4 others included in custody of (4 / 10) people in front of Wamena Airport.

    The barbaric behavior of this state apparatus is not human. Security forces should not shoot and kill civilians for any reason and or ideology.

    Violence and the killing of God’s people is not the way the settlement but creates new more difficult problems.
    The unity of the Indonesian state (NKRI) can not be managed and maintained in with violence and spilling people’s blood.

    The shooting shows that the people of Papua are not safe in the land of their ancestors.

    Violence and shootings have been in the category of gross human rights violations. The security forces should be responsible and do not quibble with blaming civilians.

    Dumma Socratez Sofyan Yoman
    Papua Baptist Church President

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